For The Love of Fitness

When Kyle first joined the Army and left for his basic training I thought to myself: this is the perfect time to focus on myself a little bit. I had always been active and athletic, but I had goals that I wasn’t reaching because of my own half-assed attempts. I needed to take a step back, and reevaluate where I was, and where I wanted to be.

  1. Establish your current fitness level.
  2. Where do you hope to be in terms of fitness.
  3. What part of your routine could aid in making this possible.
  4. What parts of your routine/habits are hindering that goal.
  5. What out of those are you willing to give up.

We spend the majority of our self-image thoughts, focused upon the wide array of things we would change about our body if we could. By looking at the result of our bad habits, rather than the habits themselves, we fail to see the true issues. You can change anything you want, but first consider this: how do you feel about your body? Are you sad that you let yourself go a little? Are you mad that your body isn’t a certain “type”? Are you blaming not reaching that goal on “the way you were born“? 90% of fitness is a mental state. It’s a balance that we must find between our acceptance of how things are, and our realization of what we must do to change them. Our bodies are capable of amazing things, it’s our mind that tells us it’s not possible.

We make all of these goals, but then we don’t put nearly as much effort into executing them. Then we sit back and wonder, “why isn’t this working?”

Stop approaching change through your hate of the current situation, but through your love of the goal you want to reach. Do you have a fitness goal that’s important to you? Would it change your life if you achieved it? Could you change other lives through that experience? Absolutely.

So start making some goals with this new state of mind. Execute those goals with the same fierce determination that you made them with, and approach the situation with a positive state of mind. Who knows, maybe you’ll see it differently than you did the first time. What do you have to lose?

I hope that this post offers some inspiration to those of you who feel stuck, or like you’ve hit a plateau. Keep moving towards that goal, whatever it may be. You never know who you’re inspiring along the way. Also, if you’re looking for some great fitness finds to motivate you along this journey, check out my Fitness Essentials post on my favorite accessories!

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