Fall Date Ideas

Although everyone is dreading the colder weather, fall can be the perfect time to get outside and go on adventures with your favorite person. Maybe even for a first date! Rather than the typical movie night (which I personally love) mix it up a bit! These ideas will get you active, and are the perfect time to show off those fall outfits you’ve been planning for months.

Corn Mazes: Get a group together or just the two of you, and wander through one of fall’s wonders. Great for day time or night time if you’re into the haunted ones!

Check Out Farm Stands: Today Kyle and I went to a few farm stands to collect some fall favorites like blueberries (almost out for the season) and fresh butter. Some farm stands where we live are doing pick-your-own flowers to get rid of the last of them. We took full advantage! After some convincing of course. And I got Kyle to carry the bucket!

Check Out a Local Fair: Fair season is a favorite for many, but not just for the food. Cute animals too! If you’re looking for a relaxed place to go and just walk around in a casual setting, this is definitely a great option. It’s also great for a big group date!

Find a Great Place to Hike: Kyle and I have always loved to hike together. In order to stay active and still have fun, we always look for new places to explore. We’ve gone on some pretty crazy hikes, but sometimes it’s nice to find a short trail with a great view for a romantic and active date. Now that the leaves will be changing soon, the view can only get better!

We’ve always vowed that no matter how long we’re together, we won’t ever stop “dating” each other. Go on adventures, go to places you’ve never been, and experience them for the first time together.

What are your favorite fall activities? 

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