5 Vacation Destinations for Military Families

One of the obvious struggles of living a military lifestyle is the lack of time. Most days we barely have time to have a date night, let alone a vacation. But with some careful and very tentative planning, we’re working hard to fix that! With everything that’s going on in the world right now, Kyle and I know that our days together before deployment are fairly limited. And I know that other families are facing the same obstacles between having time to do what we need to do, versus what we want to do.

Planning a vacation is stressful even if you’re not trying to overcome military hurdles. We have been saving for months to atleast get a weekend away, and through many hours of research, I found some great organizations that have helped us plan. No matter where you’re headed, or how much time you have off, you can rely on these destinations and organizations to make it a vacation to remember!

Seward Resort, Alaska


Surrounded by beautiful Alaska, this resort caters specifically to military families from all branches.  They provide various indoor and outdoor activities, all of which can be planned in advance and guided if necessary.  They have different lodging options, from a camp site to a log cabin, giving you a different level of experiencing the Last Frontier.

Kyle has always wanted to see Alaska, and after looking into it more, it’s pretty obvious why.  The resort has amazing scenery, and was surprisingly affordable.  They even have rooms with kitchenettes so that we could make our own food if needed!  Check out their rates and options here.

Shades of Green Resort, Orlando, FL


Located right in the middle of Walt Disney World attractions, this resort also caters specifically to members of the military and their families.  They also provide lodging for disabled veteran’s, wounded warriors, and families of fallen soldiers. Each room can hold up to 5 people, so it’s very family-friendly and close to all of the sights.

Shades of Green also has special offers, including Military Appreciation May where you can get rooms at a discounted rate of $89/night. The resort makes a family vacation extremely affordable, fun, and safe. You can check out their rates and special offers here!

Beaches/Sandals Resort


With various tropical locations across the globe, Beaches/Sandals Resorts offers a 10% discount to all members of the Armed Forces. And the best part: you can apply it to any current promotion or discount! A lot of people think that the resorts are too cookie-cutter, but you have plenty of options for exploring local areas as well. The resort offers a safe, family-friendly setting where everything you need is right there.

I started looking into this option for a honeymoon someday, and until recently I didn’t even know they offered a military discount. It definitely would make the vacation more affordable, and we would be able to participate in more activities that they offer, like scuba diving! To see all of their fun activities and views of the resort, go here!

Great Wolf Lodge, North America


This water park style lodge offers locations all across North America. Start by choosing your destination, and explore their Special Offers. Here you will find the Howling Heroes page, which offers a 20% discount to all service members including police, fire, and EMS. Along with the discount, each room gets a pass to the water park from the day of arrival to the day of departure.

The lodge has a kid-friendly focus, with special themed rooms and story telling in their Grand Lobby. Depending on what destination you choose, you can also find plenty of activities in the surrounding area that offer additional military discounts. Go here for more details about the Howling Heroes program.

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, Worldwide


Hyatt hotels and resorts offer discounts at all of their locations, amounts depending on what type of room, what city, etc. Services include complimentary breakfast, covered parking, and free WiFi for guests. After doing some research through Trip Advisor I found any reviews stating that they have received up to 50% room rates with military ID! If you plan on traveling internationally, any bit of savings is extremely helpful.

Hyatt has many different options for hotel/resorts, from the Hyatt Park to the Hyatt Regency, all catering to different situations. Hyatt Park is ideal for a romantic getaway, and Hyatt Regency is a bit more family oriented with more affordable rates prior to the discount. With thousands of locations, it’s easy to find one in any city you’re traveling to.

To Assist You With Your Planning


If you are/were a member of the Armed Services or a military spouse and you’re looking to plan a vacation, you can join the Armed Forces Vacation Club for free! Just enter your destination, travel date, and budget and they’ll help you to plan the perfect vacation.  They also provide details on all destinations that offer military discounts and deals to help make your experience more affordable. Click the link above to explore their website for more details!

What are your favorite vacation spots? Have you been to any of these/What was your experience?

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