30 X 30

I’ve always been the type of person that has to write things down. Whether it’s a grocery list or a full-blown budget, I have to put it on paper and plan it out. It makes me feel better knowing that I can hold myself accountable, and it always pushes me to get things down efficiently. I think 4 years of college and my career have made it impossibleΒ notΒ to live this way. But now that my degree is complete, I can dive into planning the more fun things in life. Like vacation! Here are the 30 (and counting) things I want to accomplish by 30!Β 

1. Run a marathon

2. Hike in another country

3. Travel to Greece

4. Buy a home (this is very high on my list)

5. Start a family

6. Get my (very first!) dog

7. Move south (back to beautiful Georgia hopefully!)

8. Volunteer for the Animal Refuge League

9. Become a foster for animals

10. Become a stronger partner with the FRG I’m currently involved with

11. Take my writing to new levels

12. Take my career in a different direction – more towards communications within the military possibly

13. Purchase my first brand new car

14. Start a family (babies will be put off for atleast 5 more years from now)

15. Skydive!

16. Run a Spartan race

17. Get Kyle to take a couples photo shoot (this is needed because it will take all 7.5 years I have to accomplish)

18. Go on a vacation with a group of friends/other couple(s)

19. Honeymoon in Key West

20. Go to Summerfest at Gillette with Kyle

21. Go scuba diving

22. Go to my first Boston Bruins game

23. Go to Disney World

24. Get my motorcycle license

25. Go bow hunting (I bought my first bow about 4 years ago and still haven’t been)

26. Go to a TED talk (obviously not to speak haha)

27. Travel to New York City for a mini vacation around Christmas time

28. Camp out each year in a new place

29. Touch an elephant (yes I’m serious)

30. Be financially stable all around

Date to complete by: May 28th, 2023

Have you made a 30 x 30? What’s on yours?



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