Holiday Gift Guide Series: Veterans


If you have a veteran in your life, than you may know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift for them. They have all the gear and gadgets before most people, and it’s challenging to find something unique and useful for their lifestyle. For this guide, I consulted some experts who have used or currently own these products. Here’s our gift guide, straight from the actual veterans themselves!

An important part of this guide was to support and recognize businesses that are owned and/or operated by veterans across the U.S. With that in mind, these products are made with the utmost quality and are built to last in this ever-changing lifestyle. A company near and dear to our hearts, Black Rifle Coffee, was the first that came to mind. BRC is still fairly new to the scene, but they have locations opening up nation wide. Plus, they ship overseas!

Another company that we recently tested out product from is My husband got a pair of these about 6 months ago, and absolutely loves them. They dry super fast and are durable, yet very breathable. These are a great alternative to Converse and Vans, with an ideal flat-sole style for lifting/leg day. Coupled with a Grunt Style bag and Nine Line shirt of your choosing, this would be a great package-deal gift for gym goers!

I wanted to include some stocking stuffer ideas as well, from handmade items to essentials. There are tons of great keychains, stickers, and patches that could serve as a unique little gift for the veteran in your life. I found this particular keychain on Etsy, and there are lots of great stickers and patches to choose from at Medals of America.

My husband has what they call the “Pilot’s Combover”, and if you’ve ever stood underneath a helicopter, you know it takes a lot to hold that hair in place. He uses Combat Combover to keep things smooth, and there are options for female veterans as well! Plus, their unique product names can add a little dark humor to the holiday.

If you or your spouse has ever been deployed, you have probably heard of Green Bean. In 2018, my husband spent the holidays in Afghanistan and one of his favorite gifts was receiving coffee cards. Friends and family would order these online and have them sent to his email, so he could use them as often as he liked. Green Bean is now showing up on various bases, but if you’re spending the holidays apart this year, it’s a great virtual stocking stuffer idea. And you can add this Warrior Flask to keep their coffee hot!

If you’re looking for some unique ideas for memorabilia, we’ve put together 3 great options. My husband doesn’t like to flaunt his military service in any way; he’s rather secretive about it, actually. So he’s picky about the things we have in our home that may speak to his military service. These items were chosen with that in mind, starting with this keepsake box. He has a million challenge coins, patches, letters, stickers, etc. and they were really starting to build up. With some of these items being very near and dear to him, we wanted a safe space to keep them. This is a great option for current and retired veterans alike, and fully customizable!

This decanter set and wooden flag are along this same theme – quietly paying tribute to their military service. These would be great additions to a mancave, or for female veterans, the decanter could be added to your very own bar cart.

If you’re a veteran or military spouse, what are some gifts you found useful? Have you tried any of these?

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