Bar Cart Reveal & My New Favorite Summer Drink

WHISKEY SET | LEWIS ICE BAG & MALLET | GOLD BAR CART | BAR TOOL KIT | BLACK STAINLESS STRAWS | BEE NAPKINS | MARBLE & GOLD COASTERS | LINEN BAR TOWELS A big part of our “quarantine life” has been renovating little corners of our home, adding a personal touch. One of the firstContinue reading “Bar Cart Reveal & My New Favorite Summer Drink”

Creating An At-Home Yoga Space

BLUE VELVET CHAIRS | AROMATHERAPY CANDLES | MARBLE & GOLD TABLE | DIFFUSER | YOGA MAT | WHITE PLANTER | BLOCKS SET | MEDITATION PILLOWS Yoga is one of my favorite ways to get my sweat on, and keeps me grounded during this crazy time. To eliminate any social distancing obstacles, I created my ownContinue reading “Creating An At-Home Yoga Space”

Ultimate Shopping Guide For Your Holiday Decor

One of my favorite things about the holidays are the decorations. I love driving through our neighborhood and seeing all the pretty lights, the giant blow-up snowmen, and the wreaths on every door. New England is a very Christmassy place this time of year (the massive amount of snow doesn’t hurt) and everyone gets inContinue reading “Ultimate Shopping Guide For Your Holiday Decor”

Decor and Organization: The Perfect Tools For Any Office

Having an office space that’s your own is all about personalization. It’s the only area that belongs to you and only you, and given how hard that is to come by, it’s important to find a style that works for you. When I choose items for my office, I look for timeless styles that areContinue reading “Decor and Organization: The Perfect Tools For Any Office”

DIY Patriotic Flower Centerpiece 

If you’re anything like me, than you’re always looking for different ways to decorate your home, and change things up a bit. I get so restless with how things are organized, and I find myself moving everything around and starting from scratch. I swear I rearrange the living room atleast once every three months, justContinue reading “DIY Patriotic Flower Centerpiece “