Sending Packages Overseas: 4 Common Issues And How To Avoid Them

About a week ago, I sent my first package overseas to my brother who is deployed in the Middle East. I had never sent one before, but I had many tips and pieces of advice to follow from those who have. I thought I was fully prepared, and with everything packed up, I left the precious package in the hands of the USPS and waited the 2 weeks for him to receive it. The package contained some simple items, all of which were acceptable according to customs’ restricted list. It contained a phone charger, hand warmers, books, a thermos, and some other simple items. We were so excited to hear from him because I know he really looked forward to getting mail. I knew it would make his week so much better. Continue reading

Beauty Haul 101: Face Masks

Over the passed 2 years or so, I’ve expanded my collection of makeup and beauty products more than ever before. I was never really crazy about makeup to be honest. I had my favorite mascara, a subtle blush, and my go-to moisturizers, but the was pretty much the extent of it. I never imagined myself purchasing bronzers, illuminators, or palettes, but my beauty regimen has reached far beyond the basics. Continue reading

7 Things That College Really Taught Me

For most people, college is 4 years of fun and a whole lot of stress. I’ll never forget the chaos of running from class to class, test after test, trying to make it through “finals season” twice a year. But when it’s all over, what do we really learn? Here’s what I learned during my 4 years of college! Continue reading

A Day In The Life: Weekends In The Summer

For the first time in my adult life, I have a job that allows me to have weekends off. And it’s weird. I’ve been at my current job for about 2 months now, and I’m still not used to it. I still feel like I’m supposed to have random days off in the middle of the week, or none at all. Let’s just say my previous job required a lot more of my time.

Now weekends are filled with whatever plans happen to come up, and I’ve created my own independent routine. It’s taken a lot of getting used to, and I still don’t really know what to do with it. K is usually working or doing field exercises, so I try to plan some fun things with friends and get some work done around the house. And as an added bonus, I get to work more on my blog! Here’s a glimpse into our weekends in the summer. Continue reading

What It Means To Love A Military Man

When I was a senior in high school, I decided to take an accounting class to better my real-world knowledge. I didn’t want to be stuck in calculus like the rest of my friends, because I would never be using that in the real world. I wanted to know how to balance a checkbook, take out a loan, buy my first car, etc. I wanted the real deal.

My first day of class, a tall, bald man stood at the front of the room scribbling our assignments on the whiteboard. He was thin, and stood so straight that it made his small frame appear larger. He turned to us as we all got seated, and went over the expectations for the trimester. He was clear, direct, and extremely stern despite the comical smirk that often flashed across his face. And if he hadn’t told all of us that first day, I would have never known he was military.  Continue reading

Five Things People Need To Stop Doing At The Gym

As most of you know, I’m a frequent gym-goer. I’m usually there 5 days a week, or I’m doing something outside to make up for it. I love my routine, and I’ve gotten to know the people that go to my gym pretty well. We all show up around the same time, and do the typical “smile and wave” gestures. We cheer each other on, while always keeping our interactions pretty brief. But there are some people that I’d rather not seeContinue reading