A Traveler’s Guide to Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is a peninsula located in the far northeast of Maine, on Mount Desert Island.  It’s full of rich fishing culture, amazing food, hiking, and much more.  There’s little to be found outside of it, so it’s like a hidden gem to vacationers everywhere.  As a kid my parents took my brother and I here many times, and this year Kyle took me here for my 23rd birthday! Continue reading

8 Places You Can Only Find in New England

Yes it’s true, I was born and raised in a cold, beautiful, “wild” place, known as New England. Full of eccentric Boston sports-lovers and the home of the “masshole”, it has become one of my favorite places. Continue reading

Five Places to Visit While You’re in Portland, Maine

Happy Tuesday everyone! The past two days have been considered mine and Kyle’s “weekend” because he’ll be leaving for a week or so to do some training, so my apologies for the late post. Sometimes I’m a bit torn between putting my phone down and giving everyone my undivided attention, and trying constantly to find more creative ideas for my posts. It’s a balancing act, that’s for sure. But today I was able to do a little bit of both. Continue reading