A Letter to My Sixteen Year Old Self

Well, it’s been almost 7 years and I can assure you that you’ve come a long way from the naive girl you once were. You’re just starting your Junior year of High School, and a whole lot is about to change. You’re about to meet some of the people that will change everything about who you become. So here’s what I have to offer you: Continue reading

Anxiety: Situational vs. General

This is a topic that I’ve put off for a long time. Since high school, I’ve dealt with anxiety from a situational aspect. This means that when put in certain situations where I wasn’t comfortable or had bad experiences with, I would feel anxious, just like anyone could. But lately I’ve found myself moving into the realm of general anxiety, which is alarming for me because I didn’t realize it was happening until I was already dealing with the symptoms. Continue reading

When Military Life Catches Up

Hello readers! It’s certainly been a while since I’ve reached out to all of you. To those who kept up with me, thank you! I’ve always shared my own military life, but what many people don’t know is that I come from a family of service members. Everyone in my family with the exception of my dad has served/is serving currently. It’s something that I’m immensely proud of, but sometimes it catches up to me. Continue reading