My Military Relationship

This picture seems like it was a lifetime ago compared to how far we have come since then. For those of you who are in a military relationship, you have experienced a type of struggle and hardship that few will ever understand. Maybe you’re a blogger, like myself, and are searching for a community. Maybe you’re a military girlfriend or wife searching for answers. I hope I can be that resource for you, as so many have been for me.

When Kyle began thinking about the Army, we had been dating for about 2 years. It seemed like just an idea at the time; a thought that he was running by me. We were so young and we could barely think past Saturday night, let alone the rest of our lives.

Kyle’s father was in the Army from before Kyle was born, up until he was very young, so I was always aware of the impression that it had made on him. He wanted to serve his country, as his father had. He wanted to prove to himself that he could be more than he was. And over time, I realized that it was more than just an idea in his mind, but something he was meant to do.

I remember the day he decided like it was yesterday. Kyle was driving me home after our usual date night, and there was this silence between us. The night had been perfect, like all the nights I got to be with him, but there was something being exchanged in the silence. The space between us felt heavy. And I just knew in my heart that this decision was on his mind.

As we approached my house that night, I looked over at him with an ache in my heart, and told him he needed to do this. On April 8th of 2013 Kyle swore in, and about 3 months later, he left for basic training in Fort Benning, Georgia. After graduating, he moved on to AIT (MOS school) in Fort Rucker, Alabama, where he became a Blackhawk mechanic. He was gone for about 7 months, before coming home and being accepted into his ANG unit.

Life has taken many twists and turns since the night he drove me home, but the things that really matter never changed. I wanted him to be the very best version of himself, and every day he finds a new way to be that person.

Now we’re married, own our first home, and have a wild GSD pup named Nova. We’ve been through one year-long deployment so far, with more on the horizon. We can’t predict what the future holds for us in this military life, but I’m happy to be along for the ride.

Tell me something unique about your relationship, military or otherwise!

16 thoughts on “My Military Relationship

  1. I totally can relate to the feelings you expressed that you felt when he left… suddenly being angry for no reason at all or crying when doing regular every day chores. It’s really hard and a really complex emotional experience. Im happy you realize you are strong and your relationship is very strong too!


  2. Finding people who go through the same stuff and know what you feel like makes life so much easier!
    So glad that I got onto wordpress to find a person like you who exactly knows what I’m going through feels so good 🙂


  3. You are definitely not alone in your feelings here ❤ When my husband was deployed early this year, it was because he volunteered. And at first, I was so upset at the idea. Why go when you don't HAVE to go? It wasn't until I really stepped back and saw the situation through his eyes that I realized he does have to go. This is what he needs to do, not only for his country, but for himself.
    It has been a very difficult 7 months so far. It won't last forever though 🙂


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