Six Reasons Why You Should Be Friends With That Military Wife

As wives and girlfriends of military men, we meet a lot of people within our community that make an impression on us. Maybe they help us through a tough dilemma, or a long deployment. Or maybe they’re just someone we vent to every now and then. Through all of our experiences, we each have different bits of guidance that those who don’t understand this lifestyle can’t necessarily offer.

Although not all military wives and girlfriends have these qualities, the majority of our community does. We support each other during the wonderful, happy times, and during the really bad ones. Through various phases of military life, these are the women who become our long lasting friends. So here are the six reasons why you should be friends with that military wife (or girlfriend!)

She’s Understanding

Chances are, she’s dealt with the same last-minute, “never write anything on the calendar in pen” situations. She’s been put under pressure and tested just like you have. So she’s going to understand, to some extent, whatever you’re going through. And on your really bad days, she’ll understand enough to take a step back (or forward) according to what you need.

She’s Resilient

Three weeks of random, unplanned training? Ok, she can deal. No matter what stage of her relationship with her military man she’s in, she’s probably already had to deal with some inconviences, and you can learn a thing or two from her. You can look to her for guidance and advice when things seem really jumbled. Trust me, you’ll need it.

She’s Supportive

Being in a military relationship takes “supportive” to a whole new level. It requires being flexible at a moments notice, and unlike our men, there’s no training for that. So whatever crazy decisions you make she’ll be there to offer support, and to let you know when you may want to rethink it.

She’s a Problem Solver

Whatever dilemma you face, from getting the kids to school on time to on-base housing, she’s ready to help you tackle it. She can’t solve all of your problems, and she certainly knows her boundaries, but she’s going to give it her best. You can go rely on her to atleast listen, always.

She’s Positive

We all have our fears in our relationship, whether they’re military related or not. We have worries, stresses, and wonders that can really get to us on all levels. But no matter what happens, she is positive. She reminds you to stay clear from thinking the worst, and to stay calm when sh*t hits the fan.

She’s Real

She’s 100% herself around you and everyone, even on the bad days. She’s not going to sugar coat the bad stuff, because she knows that doesn’t help anything. She gives everything, including your friendship, her best efforts. She is open and honest, no matter the cost. And she’s not afraid to point it out when you’re not being yourself.

As a military wife or girlfriend, what qualities do you look for in friends? What types of problems have you faced with certain friendships?

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6 thoughts on “Six Reasons Why You Should Be Friends With That Military Wife

  1. This is all so true! We’ve only been living this lifestyle for about 6 months and I’ve already found some amazing wives who have been a great support during my husband’s training.

    My husband (along with 9 others from his company) was hospitalized after a ruck march during a particularly humid day. The way the other wives and their husbands rallied around us made me appreciate being an army wife even more. Thank so much for posting, I love reading your blog!


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