The Meaning Behind The Blog

Lately I’ve had some readers ask me, “Why is your blog called ‘Away We Run’?” and it really got me thinking. When I first started this blog, I had a few meanings behind the words. But I think that as it develops, those meanings develop too. My initial goal was to share the military lifestyle, along with my own passions: fitness, beauty, style, etc. It started off really simple, with just sitting down and thinking of different ways to integrate “run” somewhere in there.

At first, “Away We Run” just meant exactly how it sounds. For those of you who read my blog, I do quite a few fitness/running posts so it fit well. But as I started to discuss my own military relationship a bit more, some readers began to interpret it differently.

Among my posts about the military and the blessings that it has brough us, I have also posted about the hardships. I’ve elaborated on the struggles, separations, and bumps in the road that brought us here. As I have learned to open up about the truths of this lifestyle one reader asked me a question that made me really think. She asked, “Is your blog really about “running” per say, or is it a metaphor for running away?”

After talking about it further, I understood what she was asking.  Many of us use our blogs as an outlet; a type of escape that still manages to share our everyday life, wishes, wants, and fears. It isn’t running away in the literal sense, just mentally. And it’s amazing to see how others interpret that meaning differently than we originally did.

With some thought, I’ve concluded that it has a few different meanings, all of which reveal what it’s truly about. Yes, it’s about running and the more simple passions, but it’s also about the way we run. It’s about the way we deal with life, overcome our obstacles, and learn from those experiences. This way that we run is a porthole into how we have learned to embrace and love the lifestyle we chose.

So there you have it. I guess making a blog is like peeling back an onion. The further you get, the more you reveal. And if you’re  dedicated to the adventure, you find out a lot about yourself.

What’s the meaning behind your blog? Share your thoughts!

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