Holiday Gifts For Your Military Man: Stocking Stuffer Edition 

1. Funny Patches | 2. Stanley Water Bottle | 3. Blood Type Key Rings | 4. Z-Rex Multi-Tool | 5. Bullet Bottle Opener | 6. United States Army Mug

Stocking stuffers are my absolute favorite part of my Christmas shopping, and usually they’re the last thing I get. Now that I’ve bought gifts for everyone, I finally get to explore some ideas! Usually I just head to the dollar store or Walmart and collect candy and the typical necessities, but this year I wanted to get more creative, and you should too! There are tons of great ideas out there, whether it’s a lot of little things or some $25 and under gifts. Here are my great stocking finds:


No, these can’t be worn on uniforms or anything like that, but they can atleast be put on his personal stuff. I found this exact patch at our local Army Barracks and knew I had to have it. He can hang it on the visor in his car, or even on his hiking bag. Even though it was $5, I’m so excited to give it to him because I know he’ll think it’s hilarious! There are tons of funny patches that you can browse through, and it’s definitely something they wouldn’t think of on their own.


These are great for a lot of reasons. First of all, you can practically drop it off a building and it won’t break. And given what our men do for a job, thats pretty important. Second, it keeps water nice and cold for those hot days out in the field or during deployment. And lastly, you can find them at so many places. I found Kyle’s at Walmart, and although it reached my maximum for a stocking stuffer, it was totally worth it.


Although these can be considered a bit “dry” for a stocking stuffer, they’re a great way to make sure your loved one is safe off duty. While on duty, they have their dog tags to show this info. But many people don’t wear them off duty. In case of emergency, these tags allows first responders to see their blood type immediately, serving the same purpose that the dog tags would.

I have a bracelet with this information on it, which is great if I remember to wear it. But the tag allows you to attach the info in various places, such as key rings and back packs. We always worry when they’re working, but there are lots of dangers when they aren’t too, just like there is for anyone else. So this is a very simple way to make sure they’re prepared for anything!


Most people think “multi-tool” and they think “expensive”, but that’s not the case with this one. I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but ever since Kyle joined the Army he has an obsession with survival gear. He loves all of the different knives and tools, and I know he’d love this one right away. The Z-Rex is considered an emergency rescue tool, designed to be a strap cutter and glass breaker primarily. If your military man (or woman) is a survival enthusiast too, you can surprise them with this newly released tool!


This simple and creative idea can be used as a keychain, or even the household bottle opener. It’s perfect for anyone, and really inexpensive so you can buy a few! This particular one is from Nine Line Apparel, a company created by and for service members and veterans.

In combat “Nine Line” is an emergency medevac request, often the difference between life and death. Proceeds from Nine Line go towards helping the most serverly wounded veterans, and bettering their future and the future of their families. This stocking stuffer is somewhat of a loaded gift because although it’s small, giving it to your loved one also gives to many other families of our military community.


Because everyone needs a mug! There are tons of variations of this mug, from different branches to different designs and colors. They make awesome stocking stuffers for any soldier or veteran on your list, and are great for care packages too! I’ve even seen some that are engraved, if you want to get really personal.

What are your stocking stuffer items for this year? Share your ideas!

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Gifts For Your Military Man: Stocking Stuffer Edition 

  1. My husband, also in the Army, loves Rite in the Rain notebooks. I get the small ones that fit in one of the multitude of pockets in his uniform. And you can never go wring with some 550 cord for anyone in the military. In the past, I’ve also gifted a folding knife that he keeps on his person at all time and he uses it multiple times a day (even to cut his lunch *eyeroll*).


    1. I almost added the Rite in the Rain books! Kyle has tons, he even kept the ones from when he was in basic training. I think that little pocket knives are always a great idea too – they’ll definitely get a lot of use out of them!


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