10 Must Have Accessories For Your Military Ball

The military ball is such an exciting time of year for all military significant others. It’s one of few occasions where everyone can get together and enjoy a night of drinks, dancing, and fun. We spend months looking for the perfect dress, which is a key piece to having a great night out, not to mention all of the pictures that will follow. But the accessories you choose can make or break your evening just as easily. Here are some must-haves to guarantee you won’t be heading home early.


These are always number one on my list. It’s really difficult to find the perfect shoes when you know you’re going to be on your feet all night. I swear, it’s almost easier to find shoes then a dress. But I always try to find ones that aren’t too high, but not low enough that my dress might drag along the floor. The right shoes are essential to making your night last.

Shoe Inserts

If you don’t wear heels often, your feet are bound to be sore when the night is over. A good way relieve some of the pressure is with some little inserts. Place them right at the ball of each foot, and take them for a test drive. I use Dr. Scholls if I’m wearing flats, and Fancy Feet if I’m wearing heels.

Hair Pins

For our last event, I wore my hair in a low bun with loose curls. It was fastened by little bobby pins, but after moving around all night and dancing, some of the strands broke loose and it started to just look messy. If you have long hair like I do, it can be pretty difficult to keep it under control in any kind of up-do. So this time I’ve picked out some larger hair pins (along with lots of hairspray) so that I don’t have to worry.


If you’re headed to a military ball in the fall/winter months, it can be chilly to get from the car to the event. And you don’t want to be shivering while you’re trying to take pictures with everyone. Pick out a shawl that compliments your dress, that way you have it just in case.

A small clutch

You never know what you might need during the evening. I always bring some Chapstick, aspirin, cash, extra bobby pins, hand sanitizer, and other little items in my purse. It doesn’t have to be anything too big, but just enough that you can have the necessities.

A good bra

This can make of break everything. If you’ve chosen a strapless dress, make sure you choose a strapless bra or inserts that you won’t be adjusting all night. There nothing worse than an uncomfortable bra, or one that doesn’t fit well with your dress.


Be sure to pick out jewelry that will compliment your dress, rather than be a distraction. If you have a high neckline, you can probably get away with just earrings. If you’re dress has a lot of shiny details, you may only need earrings. But again, I would steer clear of anything that dangles really far down. It’s personal preference, but I think simple is best, and the dress can speak for itself.

Static Guard

Silk and satin dresses are absolutely beautiful, but they can be so clingy and unflattering. There are some great Pinterest worthy tricks for getting rid of static cling, but I would grab a bottle of Static Guard just in case.

Fashion Tape

If you’re trying to modify a dress by raising the neck line or closing a slit, dress tape is a great way to make a non-permanent change. You can also use it to secure the dress and make sure it doesn’t slide around or reveal anything.

Self Tanner

The Army Birthday Ball is in the early summer, so I never have time to get any bit of a tan beforehand. A few days before the ball, I like to apply some self tanner to add a little glow to my skin. It’s not an accessory that I would bring to the ball obviously, but it helps me get ready and ensure that I’ll be feeling my best!

What are your military ball must-haves?


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