Mini Vacation Recap

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t a real vacation. But a girl can pretend! The past few days Kyle and I have made an effort to do something fun each day/night, because lately we have been way too consumed with work. Most weeks we go 5-6 days of 8-5, then we head to the gym after and get home around 8 or 9. It’s a long day, but I’m very grateful that we are both able to work and stay busy all the time.

Day 1: Saturday

On the first day, we headed out to the Old Port to have dinner and drinks with some friends. We ended up having Sushi, which was amazing as always, then we met up with some others for drinks. We started at Fore Play, then headed over to Oasis for some dancing. I’m not big on clubs, they’re somewhat overrated. But we had a lot of fun!

Day 2: Sunday

Sundays are typically family days (after work) so we headed to my parent’s house and had a nice dinner with them. My brother will be deploying soon, so we are all trying to spend more time together.

Day 3: Monday

We did some shopping after work for our new apartment, and found some great things! Fortunately for me, Kyle loves shopping. We don’t typically buy a whole lot, but it’s fun to look around and get ideas. I did find these cute pillows though!

Day 4: Tuesday

Tuesday is our Friday typically, because we get Wednesday’s and Thursday’s off (usually, we are both working today though!). Tuesday night we did end up going to the gym, but then we went home and had a little movie night together. Since we didn’t have to wake up early the next day, we just stayed up and talked for a while. Like every couple, we have to compare our schedules sometimes because things get so busy that we forget where the other is. But since we both had Wednesday off together, we planned all kinds of fun things!

Day 5: Wednesday

Even though we tried to sleep in, we woke up around 8 and started our day. First we went out for breakfast at one of our favorite spots, Danielle’s Diner. Then we headed out to the local fair for some good food and lots of animals! Later we met up with some friends and explored some more with them.

My favorite part of the day was seeing the cows, of course. But also exploring with Kyle, and doing all of the fun activities.

What did you do this week/weekend? Any plans coming up?

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