The Five Worst Duty Stations In The Army

This past week, Grunt Style Magazine did a short study to reveal the worst duty stations across the globe for Army personnel. At each duty station, families and soldiers often have a different experience. Some posts have excellent housing, but fall short in terms of the surrounding attractions. Sometimes it’s the other way around. Some posts are even known for their great amenities, or lack thereof. 

For a little more background info, Grunt Style is a company run by “veterans and patriots” who design specialized apparel for those of various tactical interests, including tactically designed gear. All apparel is designed in house, and can be ordered through their website, or you can explore the option of designing some awesome custom shirts!

My favorite part of Grunt Style, besides their obvious American pride, is the Grunt Style Magazine. Their magazine is fully accessible through their website and features various articles from the How To’s to the most recent events in the military world. Through these articles I have found a lot of useful information pertaining to the military lifestyle from many perspectives, from those who serve to those who have family members serving.

With their permission, I’m sharing one of their most recent articles, The Five Worst Duty Stations in the Army. I found the article very helpful in expanding my knowledge on other military posts, and what I should be aware of. When new orders arrive, there’s nothing we can do to change them. But we can know what to expect.

#5. Ft. Wainwright, AK

I think Grunt Style nailed this one. Take “Arctic Warriors” seriously, because you’ll need to bundle up if you’re headed this way.

#4. Camp Casey, South Korea

The sign alone is a pretty good indication of this base, and the area surrounding.

#3. Ft. Polk, LA

Known fondly as “Fort Puke”, my brother was stationed here for 2 years and he can certainly second this opinion.

#2. Ft. Irwin, CA

Not much around, huh? Fort Irwin is basically surrounded by desolate, desert roads.

#1. Any, and we mean any, National Guard Armory

This is pretty accurate honestly. I’ve seen quite a few of these in the past 2 years and they’re all the same. No offense to Oklahoma!

So there you have it. The survey was executed and filled out by the 90+ staff at Grunt Style, 60 of which have first hand experience living in or around these places. If you’re headed to one of these, be prepared! And make sure to visit their site for more articles, including their post on the Five Worst Duty Stations in the Marine Corps!

What are the worst military bases/posts you’ve been to? Are you headed to any of these? Share your thoughts!

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6 thoughts on “The Five Worst Duty Stations In The Army

  1. My husband was a Reservist for 20 years and for 15 of those years he attached to units that were in this run down building in Camden, NJ (yes, the most crime-ridden city in the country). It was awful to be sure. For the last five years, he was stationed at Ft. Dix which seemed liked an oasis compared to Camden but still not fantastic. It’s a very old base and a lot of the buildings show their age.

    Now that he’s on his first AGR tour, we’re “stationed” at Ft. Totten. I put it in quotations because technically the fort closed in the 1970s(?) and the Army only maintains a building or two for Reserves units. There is absolutely no support here…we have to go to Ft. Hamilton for things like DEERS or Ft. Dix for a finance office.


    1. Ugh that’s awful, I’m sorry to hear that! Support is a huge part of what keeps us all going, so I commend you for keeping things together so well. It would be really strange to be somewhat secluded like that.. I think they should make a “top 10” for the worst bases, because there’s a lot more than this!


  2. I actually have a friend at Fort Polk right now and she loves it. Her and her husband take weekend trips to visit places within driving distance, so I’m not sure how the base is itself. I have two friends at Wainwright and they actually don’t mind it. I thought Fort Sill in Lawton, OK was horrible! After being at Fort Bliss for over 3 years, we are SO excited and ready to get the heck out of El Paso!


    1. I think that all of the bases are improving in small areas each year, so maybe it depends on which part of the base or what services/groups they’re involved in. I’ve heard a lot about Ft. Bliss, some good and some bad, and El Paso as a whole seems like a very interesting place to live haha. Where are you headed next?


      1. We will be PCSing to Fort Hauchuca, AZ (Sierra Vista which is about an hour from Tuscan and 2.5 hours from Phoenix) in early March. We’ll only be there about 7 months though as my hubby is attending Captain Career Course. We’re hoping for Fort Lewis, Fort Campbell, or Fort Knox after that!


      2. AZ is beautiful! So much to see and even more to do if you’re into hiking and sight seeing. I’m sure the quick transition will be a challenge, but hopefully you end up in one of those places! Fort Campbell would be an awesome place to live, I’ve heard some really good things about the surrounding area. We may be headed to Fort Carson, CO at some point if Kyle goes to Tango school, which I think would be an awesome experience. Hopefully it all works out!

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