Prepping For Colder Weather: Running Gear That Will Keep You Moving

As an avid runner, I try to get outdoors atleast 9 months out of the year. But with that, I have to deal with some of the harsher winter months that make running comfortably a challenge. Whether it’s taking my gloves off to change my music, or having to adjust my hat 10 times, there are a lot of factors in the cold that can make you have to end your run. Luckily, I’ve found some great items over the years that have made this experience a lot better. Take a look!

1. Under Armour Get Set Go Running Gloves

There’s nothing like cold hands to make a run unbearable. These gloves are made out of a light weight, tight-knit material that wicks away moisture to keep you warm and comfortable. They even have tech pads on the fingers, so you don’t have to take them off to change a song! I found mine here.

2. Nike Tech Fleece

I’m usually not a fan of running in anything that resembles a sweatshirt (too baggy) but I decided to give my favorite one a try for these cold morning runs. And I loved it! The draw-string neck gives the same effect that a neck warmer would, and the thumb holes keep the sleeves from moving around too much. It even has hidden zipper pockets, so nothing falls out like it would with a normal sweatshirt. These are great all around, no matter what you’re doing, but they are a bit pricey. I grabbed mine at an outlet store, but if you feel like splurging you can find it here.

3. Under Armour Cold Gear Hood

It’s labeled as “Men’s” but they’re pretty much One Size Fits All. This is what I use on the really cold days in addition to a fleece headband over the top sometimes. The material is extremely breathable, and you can adjust it to go below your chin once you’re warmed up. I’ve used this for winter hikes, skiing, pond hockey, and various other outdoor activities. Take a look at the options here!

4. Flip Belt

I bought my Flip Belt for a 5k race that I was in, and I was definitely glad I did. They’re made out of a thick spandex material, with a wide pouch to fit your phone, money, house key, etc. Once your items are in the pouch, you flip it towards your body, ensuring that they will stay in the pocket while you move. It allows you to have both hands free so you can get the most out of your run. Choose from one of their great new colors here!

5. Nike Women’s Legendary Sculpt Tights

I’ve owned about 4 pairs of these so far, and the quality of them is amazing. I run every day, so I wear through pants and tights a lot faster than the average person. These have been my favorite for multiple seasons now, especially the colder months.

A lot of runners lean towards wearing wide legged pants for warmth, but when there’s snow on the ground the bottom of the pants eventually get soaked, weighing them down a bit. This will not only make it difficult to run, but you’ll be uncomfortable and cold. I prefer the tights style because it ensures that my clothing won’t get wet or ruined. Check them out at the online Nike store.

6. Performance Run Leg Warmers

Take your favorite pair of capris and turn them into pants! These leg warmers are perfect for cold weather runs, and easy to slide off if you get too warm. They’re also great for adding reflective tape for road races or late night activities. And they come in all different sizes! Take a look here.

So there you have it, my go-to cold weather gear. It takes a lot of trial and error to find what works best, but once you find the perfect item, get multiples. Trust me! The most important part about running in cold weather is staying safe and making sure your body is okay. And with these items, you can’t go wrong.

Where do you run in the winter? What clothing do you use to stay warm?

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