Four Products That Donate to Our Veterans

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I wanted to make all of my posts relate to the military and our veterans throughout the week. For the most part, we are all aware of some of the great organizations that donate to our soldiers and veterans. But “donating” doesn’t always need to be about money. Many companies and organizations have found other ways to assist. Whether it be education, medical bills, counseling, or housing, they have developed some amazing programs to offer assistance.

These are not only helpful to our soldiers, but also to those who are making or have made the transition into civilian life. These programs are very close to my heart, like many, because they have helped the people that I love. But for those who haven’t had to utilize these, or are not in a position to donate, there are many other ways you can still help! With Christmas just around the corner, we are all looking for the perfect gifts. Here are some ideas that can help you check off your list, while helping our veterans at the same time.


These handmade bracelets come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, as well as many different organization tags to choose from. I chose R.E.D. Friday, which serves as a remembrance for every man and woman who is deployed to protect us. Their mission is to raise awareness about the never ending support that our troops need, as well as to continue building care packages for our soldiers overseas.

Unlike many other organizations that give a small percentage, R.E.D. Friday donates 25% of their proceeds to building more care packages, and spreading that awareness. That may not seem like a huge amount, but when you consider how much money and time it takes to make each bracelet, you’ll realize they’re making a huge contribution.

The prices for these products vary from about $5.00 up to $50.00 and higher. With the holidays coming, they’re great as gifts or just as a little present for yourself! Check out all of the R.E.D. Friday products, as well as products from many other organizations who donate at Survival Straps.


Big American Brick of Soap. How’s that for being patriotic? I found this lovely product at none other than Carhart, and couldn’t help but laugh. Let’s just say, I bought a few so far. Duke Cannon prides itself in developing a product that was not constructed by “A bunch of dudes wearing skinny jeans.” All of their products are developed with ideas and contributions from those who serve, making it truly genuine.

But my favorite part about the product is what they have promised. Instead of counting their victories through dollar signs, Duke Cannon takes it one step further. With the proceeds they raise, and with the help of Honor Flight Network, they fly soldiers out to Washington D.C. where they’re able to explore and honor the memorials that their selfless service has inspired. They don’t just provide items, or money, but a memory that will be everlasting.


A while ago I did a post on Fitness Essentials and the issue of people wearing really plain and bland clothing to the gym. Well, this tank top is a perfect example of how to fix that issue! Grunt Style’s apparel is a perfect balance of patriotism and humor, and you can definitely tell that everyone who works there enjoys it.

Grunt Style is owned and operated by an Army veteran who was a Drill Sergant, and used his lifestyle experiences to inspire this company, bringing it to a whole new level. Currently they have 91 employees, and 70 of those employees are veterans or currently serving. By looking through their apparel, you’re viewing the hard work of a company that provides jobs and transitions for our warriors. Similar to R.E.D. Friday, their products can be used as gifts or for yourself, because there really is something for everyone.


These shirts have circulated across the world to spread the Wounded Warrior Project message: The greatest casualty is being forgotten. Wounded Warrior Project has designed hundreds of different products with Under Armour that help them to fund and develop different programs to support those who once, and still do, serve.

By purchasing one of their many products, you help them to provide programs and events that further support our military, such as Warriors to Work and the Tough Mudder obstacle race. Warriors to Work was developed to help acclimate our soldiers into civilian life by ensuring that they will learn necessary job skills. One of the biggest struggles for veterans is trying to go back to their “normal” life. Through career assistance and resume development tips, they’re able to find what they want to do when they leave the military. These programs shape their future, and the future of their family.

There are so many ways that all of us can help, simply by spreading awareness and offering support. Explore the opportunities within your own community; there may be some you never knew about! And stay tuned for more posts like this one throughout the week.

What products have you purchased that donate to our military and veterans? Have you purchased any of these?

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2 thoughts on “Four Products That Donate to Our Veterans

  1. My husband loves Grunt Style and Ranger Up so I try to buy him a stocking stuffer from them each year for Christmas. They’re both veteran owned and operated and Ranger Up donates to several military related charities.

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