Fitness Essentials

Running is one of my favorite activities, and over the years I’ve learned a lot about the items that are necessary to become a better runner. I know running is the least favorite for many fitness gurus, but whatever your exercise may be, these items make staying fit a lot more fun!

1. Next Generation Adidas Duffle

I’ve had my eye on this one for a few weeks (I need an upgrade, badly) and it’s the perfect size for all my gym necessities. The front pocket is great for my shampoo and everything, while my clothes and sneakers can fit in the deep center pocket. Plus the colors are great!

When choosing a gym bag, try to stay clear of anything with a lot of cotton. Cotton tends to absorb moisture and smells, such as your gym towel after showering and your sneakers after a long run (ew). Although those adorable PINK duffles from Victoria’s Secret are great, they might not be ideal for this occasion.

2. Nike Flyknit Lunar Glide

Before I go on and on about how great these are, first I will say that there are many versions of them (Lunar Glide, Lunar Tempo, etc.) and depending what type of exercise, they’re all great. If you’re doing any high intensity exercise such as sprint intervals, distance (3+ miles) or plyometrics, these sneakers offer a great deal of support and comfort.

As a runner, I’ve had a lot of foot/knee issues. I used to only wear the Nike Free 5.0, but when you’re running long distance every day (especially outdoors) they don’t give enough protection to your feet. What you wear for shoes is extremely important, so take a look at your gym shoes and make sure they’re still providing you with enough protection and comfort. They’re worth the money, trust me! Find a pair that’s right for you here.

3. Racer-back Tank Tops

I have a huge love for Starbucks, so when Kyle saw this he immediately sent it to me thinking it was perfect. A good tank top paired with some capris/pants is one of my favorite outfits for a long run. My bare arms stay cool while my legs stay warmed up to keep going.

The most common outfits I see at the gym are the typical black/grey with simple writing if any. Don’t be afraid to mix things up! There are tons of fun workout clothes out there, or you can customize one and make it your own! You can also get some workout buddies together and design “Team Tanks“. If you’re working out, than you’re already doing more than 75% of everyone else. So wear outfits that represent who you are, and stand out.

4. Racer Ink Drop Cropped Running Tights

Quite the mouthful! I have these in the electric blue and they are comfy. They’re made out of a combo of spandex and cotton, so rather than just cling to your legs and slide down as you run, they stay put. The small zipper pocket in the back is great for when you’re running outside and want to bring some cash or your house key.

Many people swear by the ever-so-popular Nike Pro Spandex Cropped pants, but I’ve found that the low waist band causes them to slowly slide down while I’m running, so I’m constantly having to stop and adjust. I’ve tried them in a couple different sizes thinking maybe that was the issue, but no luck. If you’re doing high intensity workouts I wouldn’t recommend them despite their popularity. You can find these cropped pants at Nike Outlets and other sporting goods stores.

6. Tan Line Minimizing Sports Bra

Yes, you read that correctly. This bra is a racer back style so zero adjusting, and comes in all kinds of cute colors. Whether you’re running down the beach, biking in the hot sun, or any outdoor activity, it lets the sun in to help you avoid those awful tan lines. It’s a very breathable material with mesh around the top so you can stay cool. Get yours here!

Sometimes the right motivation is hard to find, but one thing that has always set me up to succeed is having the right equipment.  So get out there and treat yourself! And if you’re looking for a quick pep talk on setting goals and following through, check out my post, For The Love Of Fitness.

What are some of your favorite workout accessories? Have you fell in love with any of these?

19 thoughts on “Fitness Essentials

  1. Oh my, I really love those pants! The color just pops and I really love to wear bright colors to the gym. I need to look these up here in NZ. That sports bra is also really cool idea! I workout inside so I don’t really need to worry about odd tan lines but the concept is neat. I’m really into sports wear haha! Once my financial situation gets more stable I’ll go wild with buying clothes. 🙂

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  2. I am required by my doctor to loose some weight and I decided tohave regular workout starting next week.I dont yet have workout essentials like shoes or clothes, so thank you for posting this I already have an idea what I need to buy..


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