Organization Tips For Every Home

As you saw about a month ago, we had moved out of our tiny rental and were in the process of moving into a new one. After a lot of moving things around and waiting for everything to be ready, we are finally settled into our brand new condo! It’s so much bigger than our previous rental, making it much easier to stay organized. It’s in a nice little neighborhood just outside of everything in town. We really couldn’t be happier with it!

Even though I have all of this space now, I still find myself trying to consolidate our things as much as possible. Having a rental can be a real challenge sometimes, because you can’t make anything too permanent. With Kyle being in the military and the chance of us having to pack it all up again at a moments notice, I’ve always tried to find new ways to keep our things organized. Here are my tips!

Start with a plan

If you just moved, or are about to, make a list of the things you want to get done. Write down your preferences and your significant other’s preferences, that way you remember before making anything permanent. Plan out where each piece of furniture should go, or what color scheme you would like for each room.

I used a similar process when we were looking for a new place, and wrote down my “deal breakers” such as: must have bathtub (rather than those tiny showers you can barely turn in), 2 bedrooms, minimal carpeting, etc. This reminded me not to settle just because a place seemed nice, because later on those little details can really end up irritating you. These little list booklets can be used for all kinds of things during a big move!

Decorative Baskets

 Baskets are a great way to stay organized, and they look really nice too! I’m somewhat of a hoarder when it comes to baskets. I use mine everywhere, including on the top shelf of my closet to put my jeans in. It keeps everything from looking messy, and makes it easy to find your most used items. I’m currently using baskets in every room in our condo, from the bathroom (washcloths), to our living room (DVDs). You can even hang them on the walls for added space!

Command Hooks

I used to lose my keys in our apartment all the time, and it really gets old. But then I found these Command Hooks that come in all different sizes and styles. They have different weight ratings for heavy items like pictures too! I hung this one right by our front door so I can just grab my necessities and go.


 Usually Kyle’s closet/side of the rooming the neatest part of our home, but we came up with this for all of his Army shirts, socks, shoes, and pants. Before, everything was just mixed together in his closet and it made finding things really difficult. By making designated drawers for these items and labeling them, it relieves a lot of the mess.

Bedroom Bench Seat

If you have a million blankets like I do, you should definitely consider getting one of these. They can serve as a bench when you’re putting your shoes on, and a little storage cubby for your extra blankets and pillows. They come in all different colors, materials, and sizes, so they work with any room.

Renting or owning a home can be truly stressful at times. Sometimes it looks like you have tons of space, until all of your things are finally in it. But there are so many tips and tricks that can help, and over time, it really does get easier!

How do you stay organized in your home? 

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2 thoughts on “Organization Tips For Every Home

  1. I love writing lists, it’s such an easy way to keep organized! I have a list of things I want to do this coming summer (haha, yes, summer is almost here in NZ) and whenever I go somewhere I always write a list of things I need to pack! I even had a very long check list for my visa application (actually I should’ve kept that because I’m going to need it again in a couple of months). My problem with things is that hoard so much unnecessary stuff, but I think I could get a couple of baskets like you suggested! 🙂 I like to keep all the letters and cards I receive here so a pretty basket would be the most adorable place to keep them right!


    1. I’m definitely a list person too! Can’t live without them haha. Baskets are my favorite organizational tool, just because they look so nice even if it’s all clutter and random items in them. I save tons of birthday, anniversary, etc. cards so I definitely know where you’re coming from there!

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