My Shoe Wish List

The holidays, including all of that holiday shopping, have me doing a little bit of window shopping for myself. All the sequins and sparkles on everything have me a bit obsessed with some fancier looks, which I don’t get to wear often. And at the top of my list: shoes shoes shoes!

I never used to be that in to shoes until about a year ago when I had to do some dressing up for some of Kyle’s Army events. Since then, I’ve created somewhat of a collection of various styles, from flats to heels and everything in between. Here are some of the shoes on my wish list!

1. Zara Velvet Flats | 2. Jimmy Choo Pumps | 3. Fergie Navaro Boots | 4. Michael Kors Wedges | 5. Betsy Johnson Bow Heels

Each selection on my wish list can be worn for various occasions, from dressy to casual. I chose some styles that I know are comfortable, because I’ve already tried them on and drooled over them! I wanted to expand my colors a little bit, and veer away from just the typical white, black, and tan which is practical, but kinda boring.

I did mix in some name brand shoes that are typically on the expensive side, ($200+, and no, I can’t afford that either) which I spotted at places like Nordstrom Rack and TJMaxx/Marshalls. If you commit to searching online and in those stores, you’re bound to find something great for way less than the name-brand website.


These came out recently, and they’re already sold out! I’m on a little waiting list to alert me when they available again, just in case it’s a good time to buy them. These are great for the fall to winter months, especially around the holidays. They’re made out of velvet, and would be idea with a cute holiday skirt to dress things up. I fell in love with these because they’re so versatile. I can even wear them with leggings and it’ll completely change the outfit!


 I definitely went out on a limb with these due to how pricey they are. But after spotting them at Nordstrom Rack for $90, versus the $358 they’re listed online for, I thought it was way more reasonable. They’re classy and simple in the front, with a flare of gold speckles in the back. And you know how much I love gold! I could wear these with some skinny jeans for work, or with a mid length dress for date night.


I spotted these while Black Friday shopping with Kyle and literally stopped in my tracks. I think I speak for all of us when I say that the tall boot trend can stay forever, especially with leggings. So far I have brown and black, and didn’t even think of getting gray ones until I saw these. They’re priced as expected, so I would definitely have to save up. Or maybe Santa will bring them! A girl can hope.


  I totally mimicked this pair for my college graduation this past spring, but it didn’t do them justice. We finally have a Michael Kors in our mall, which is good and bad at the same time. Michael Kors anything is my absolute go-to, and these wedges are perfect for me. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not that great with high heels (runners feet, ugh). But these offer so much support and stability, I felt like I was in my sneakers! But naturally, I haven’t found them on sale yet. Feel free to let me know if you spot any!

 Talk about the heel of all heels. Not only are they a beautiful red, but they aren’t ridiculously priced either. These are the type of shoes you put on and say, “I’ll never wear them to anything, but I want them. Right now.” I mean, I’m sure I’ll find something to wear them to. Maybe. Either way, they’re beautiful!

Are you a shoe fanatic too? What’s on your wish list? 

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2 thoughts on “My Shoe Wish List

  1. I’m not even going to lie…when I saw the Michael Khors sandals I instantly thought “Hey Target had a version of these in the summer”. They are adorable but for the price I don’t know if I could ever pull the trigger.

    I love those red bow heels too and I’d parade around them in the house if I had to…just so I could say I wore them.


    1. I agree, they’re just too much for sandals. And I love target! Sometimes they do have some great items that mimic the more high end brands. I’m perfectly fine with getting knock offs rather than spending that much!


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