Date Night: 5 Fall Outfits For A Night Out

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like fall clothing is perfect for dressing up and getting fancy. From the dark red lipsticks to the tall boots, it’s finally easy to look nice! Summer is always tricky for me, because I can’t wear shorts to work (too much AC) but I can never find nice dressy capris. Once the weather gets a bit colder, I bring out all of my boots and sweaters and I get to wear a whole new wardrobe.  Continue reading “Date Night: 5 Fall Outfits For A Night Out”

What’s In My Bag: Beauty Products For Fall

There are so many great things about fall. The trees changing, picking apples, Halloween, and so much more. But one of my favorite parts of this season is that everyone seems to amp it up in terms of their look. Red lipsticks and winged eyeliner are everywhere and I’m loving it.  Continue reading “What’s In My Bag: Beauty Products For Fall”

My Top 10 Military Inspired Etsy Shops

Happy Monday everyone! I’m celebrating the start of a busy week, as well as my 100th blog post. And even better than that, Kyle has this coming weekend off! It’s the second weekend we’ll have off together since June, and we’ll be attending a wedding with a few of our close friends. I’m super excited to see everyone, and to finally have time with him. Continue reading “My Top 10 Military Inspired Etsy Shops”

Beauty Haul 101: Face Masks

Over the passed 2 years or so, I’ve expanded my collection of makeup and beauty products more than ever before. I was never really crazy about makeup to be honest. I had my favorite mascara, a subtle blush, and my go-to moisturizers, but the was pretty much the extent of it. I never imagined myself purchasing bronzers, illuminators, or palettes, but my beauty regimen has reached far beyond the basics. Continue reading “Beauty Haul 101: Face Masks”

Beach Day Essentials 

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing a few of my beach day essentials for a day of fun in the sun. There’s a lot to consider when you’re packing for the beach: sun, sand, water, wind, etc. And if you don’t plan accordingly, a beautiful day at the beach can turn into a disaster; sunburns and all.  Here are the items I can’t leave without, as well as a list of extras that you may want to include! Continue reading “Beach Day Essentials “

Finding The Perfect Holiday Outfit: New Years Edition

Good morning readers! I don’t know about you, but it seems that the pre-Christmas rush ended way quicker than it began. Now we’re thrown into a whole new countdown for my favorite day of the year: New Years Eve! Continue reading “Finding The Perfect Holiday Outfit: New Years Edition”

My Shoe Wish List

The holidays, including all of that holiday shopping, have me doing a little bit of window shopping for myself. All the sequins and sparkles on everything have me a bit obsessed with some fancier looks, which I don’t get to wear often. And at the top of my list: shoes shoes shoes! Continue reading “My Shoe Wish List”

Finding The Perfect Holiday Look

Good morning readers! It’s almost the weekend again, thank god, and I have begun a never ending search for the perfect holiday dress. Continue reading “Finding The Perfect Holiday Look”

Fall Makeup: Wedding Edition

This summer/fall it seems that everyone I know is getting married. And this weekend, my beautiful cousin Brittany is marrying the love of her life, Tyler. As I was packing yesterday to travel down and celebrate with them, I started to review my wedding makeup look. Continue reading “Fall Makeup: Wedding Edition”

Wish List: Fall Edition

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of shopping, or more so window shopping. And with that, I’ve seen so many cute things, some of which I never thought I would want! Some of them are things I’ve been wanting for years, while others are new additions. Here are a few of my wish list items! Continue reading “Wish List: Fall Edition”