DIY Patriotic Flower Centerpiece 

If you’re anything like me, than you’re always looking for different ways to decorate your home, and change things up a bit. I get so restless with how things are organized, and I find myself moving everything around and starting from scratch. I swear I rearrange the living room atleast once every three months, just to see what looks better!

We live in a condo, so at first it was really tough to find ways to make our house feel like home. But over time, we’ve learned how to add our own little flare to each aspect of our home. Pinterest has been a huge help with this, as always! One thing that I found to be really helpful in sprucing up a home are some DIY projects. DIY projects can have tons of benefits: 1. They’re usually cheap. 2. No matter what, yours will look different than someone else’s. And 3. They’re usually easy! Check out my latest DIY project below:


Step One: Collect your supplies

Head to your local Walmart, A.C. Moore, or other craft store and purchase (fake) flowers of your choice and a styrofoam ball of any size, depending on how large of a center piece you need. I chose the 5 inch size, and it was perfect for my coffee table. If you’re decorating a dining room table or other large areas, consider the 7 inch.

When choosing your flowers, you can really go with any color. I chose red, white, and blue because it was close to July 4th and it’ll look nice in our living room all summer. Keep in mind that once you add the flowers, the centerpiece will grow in size so make sure you have the right size area to accommodate.

Step Two: Cut your flowers

Be careful during this step, because it’s really easy to cut the stems too short. Use heavy duty scissors or wire cutters to make sure you don’t slip up, and leave about 2-3 inches of stem remaining. This will ensure that the flowers stick deep enough into the ball and don’t fall out. If necessary, you can always put glue in each hole to ensure that the flowers will stay in one place.

Step Three: Begin arranging flowers on ball

You would think that this would be the easiest part, but it takes some careful arranging to make sure that there isn’t too much of one color in one area. Luckily I had three colors, so it made it much easier to distribute them evenly. Or you can just use one color and avoid it all together!

Step Four: Admire Your Masterpiece

I’m far from “crafty” by any means, and I managed to complete this in about 15 minutes! It doesn’t take much to add little details to your home without spending tons of money. Feel free to try it out, or tag me in your own unique at-home creations!

What are your crafty ideas for decorating your home? Have you ever made one of these?

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