5 Fitness Must-Haves For Beginners

As the colder weather gets closer, it’s hard to find the motivation to exercise, let alone get to the gym in the first place. But since it’s about to be the holidays, exercise is vital to staying sane and fit. If you’ve been thinking about joining a gym, or integrating some at-home exercises, now is the time to start. When I first joined a gym, I was about 16 and I was playing a lot of school sports at the time, so I really just went to run on the treadmill. I usually brought a water bottle and some headphones, and that was it. I didn’t really know what I needed.

Now that I’ve been going to the gym pretty regularly for a while, I’ve found the things that do and don’t work for me. It’s usually a trial and error process, and I did it all. From different types of headphones, to different styles of gym bags, it took me a long time to figure out what was best. So if you’re just starting out and you’re not sure where to begin, here are some must-haves that I swear by!

| 1. Herschel Gym Bags 2. Wireless Headphones 3. Armband 4. Large Canteen 5. Kettlebell |

Herschel Gym Bags

The first time I saw one of these bags was actually at Newbury Comics, as surprising as that is. I had never seen one before, and now I see them everywhere. Herschel carries a lot of different styles, from backpacks to duffel bags. Personally, I prefer a duffel bag style for my gym bag because I don’t have to rifle through my clothes to find what I need. It allows me to be a bit more organized, and I feel like I can pack a lot more.

What I love about these bags is how limitless they are. They have over 50 styles to choose from, depending on your needs and what kind of exercise you’re doing. They have options with just one large pocket and a couple side pockets, and some that have various pockets for further organization. They make a great, practical gift for men and women!

Wireless Headphones

One of my other fitness friends gave me some wireless headphones as a gift and I swear they’re the best things ever. I can put my phone in my pocket and focus on my workout, rather than fiddle with tangled headphones. Most brands are easy to setup, and will connect through your Bluetooth to access your music. The ones that I have are from Amazon, and they were only $28, which is the cost of a nice pair of standard headphones. I’ve had them for 3 years with no problems at all!


This would make a great accessory along with the wireless headphones, because now you won’t even need to worry about where to put your phone. I often were leggings and a tank top to the gym, so I’m stuck carrying my phone around. And if I run outside, I have to run with it in one hand and it really throws me off honestly. You can find these bands at any fitness-related retailer, ranging from $15-$30 mostly. Try to find one that has an extra pouch for some cash or a house key if it’s going to be used outside.

Large Canteen/Water Bottle

As cute as it may be, don’t go for the tiny water bottle. Because if you’re running on a treadmill for 45 minutes, eventually you’re going to run out’ve water and be tempted to stop and fill it back up. It sounds like a small inconvenience, but when you only have so much time to get a workout in, any little bit helps. I have a few different water bottles, all of which are obnoxiously big, but I don’t have to worry about stopping to refill.

Kettle Bells

If you’re unsure about joining a gym and you want to try out some at-home exercises first, the kettle bell is the ultimate tool for versatility. You can use it for your legs doing squats, kettle bell swings, and dead lifts, or you can transition to using it for your arms with curls. I have this exact kettle bell, and I’ve found that the 15 lb size is just right for me. It’s enough to get a good warm-up, but not too heavy that I struggle to do everything. But if you do want something a bit lighter, or even heavier, there are tons of sizes and brands.

What are some items that you would recommend to a beginner? Do you use any of these in your regular routine? Comment below!


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3 thoughts on “5 Fitness Must-Haves For Beginners

  1. Some great tips in this post. I’ve been meaning to get a new gym bag for a while so will have to look out for one of these. Also a big water bottle is so essential to last for your whole workout! Fab post šŸ˜Š


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