7 Tips To Help You Get Back To Your Workout Routine

Let me just start by saying that working out is not easy. And it’s not the weights or the treadmill that make it difficult. It’s simply getting our butts out of bed and driving there. Once I walk through the door, everything is fine. But there are definitely some mornings when it takes all of my will power not to pull the covers over my head.

About 4 months ago now I changed jobs and I lost my routine entirely. I had to get used to working at a different time, in the opposite direction, and I wasn’t sure what traffic would be like in the mornings. It took me a couple weeks to get it all timed well enough that I could add the gym back into the mix. It was many mornings of giving myself a quick pep talk, and reminding my body why this is needed. Honestly, there were some days when the only reason I made it out on time was because Kyle was pushing me out the door.

As my life becomes a bit busier, especially career wise, it’s hard to know how to balance it all. Having a regular routine is so important, even if you have to take a break for a while and come back to it like I did. Here are some ways you can get back to your workout routine:

Prepare the night before

I’m always worried that I’ll wake up late, so I lay my gym clothes out the night before and pack my work clothes in my gym bag. I double check to make sure I have all the necessities: comb, deodorant, shampoo, socks, etc. This way I can just grab my bag and go without having to worry if I forgot something. It takes a huge part of the hassle out of the equation.

Rest up

Naturally, everyone tries to do way too much at once. Multitasking is definitely part of my routine, but always make sure you’re getting an adequate amount of rest too. Getting to the gym and realizing you’re practically falling asleep the whole time is a waste. If your muscles don’t get proper rest, you risk injuring yourself.

Review your goals

If it’s been a significant amount of time since you’ve worked out, make sure you know the reasons why you’re starting up again. Have a game plan so that you aren’t just following a random routine with no end in sight.

Change it up

Maybe you don’t want to do the same thing you were doing 3 months ago. Maybe the constant repetition is actually the reason you quit in the first place! I’ve definitely gotten bored with my own routine before, and rather than trying something new I just stopped altogether. There are so many different activities you can try rather than doing the usual. If you normally run on a treadmill, try running some trails. If you normally do yoga, try Zumba instead! Make sure you’re giving your body enough excitement that you’ll actually see those changes you’ve been working towards.

The Buddy System

Some people prefer to work out alone, but if you really need a boost of motivation, grab a friend and go! Find someone that has goals of their own that they’ve set their sights on. My workout buddy changes here and there, but Kyle is usually the one to go with me. We spend our time on different machines in different areas usually, but it’s nice to leave together when it’s all over. Having someone to hold you accountable can really help you reach your goals.

A 30-Day Challenge

I used to be pretty skeptical about these, because they’re so temporary. But after completing the Whole 30 challenge and seeing what it did for my body, my perspective on this is forever changed. A challenge of any kind can really help your body to “reset”, and break away from some of those bad habits that you’ve adopted. The Whole 30 challenge was extremely hard, but necessary. And if you do it with someone else it’s way easier!

Workout Planner

My biggest issue is when I get to the gym and I don’t even know where to begin. I’m not in the mood for the elliptical, or lifting weights, so I waste 10 minutes trying to convince myself to get on a machine. Part of it is being bored of the same old thing, but another part is the fact that I walk into the gym without a plan. Research some new workouts, or bring a fitness magazine that has some new exercises you can try. Write down different moves, reps, and durations so that you can stay focused and on track. Having a plan really helps you get the most out of your time, and it ensures that your routine will stay interesting for your mind and body.

How do you stay on track with your routine? Have you found yourself struggling to follow it?

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21 thoughts on “7 Tips To Help You Get Back To Your Workout Routine

  1. I just found this post at the right time! I struggled with my workout routine since I could remember. I tried using a habit tracker and a planner, but I stopped using them after a couple of weeks. I am the most inconstant person. I might workout even 4+ times a week for a couple of months and then I stop and it’s so hard to get back into it. But I think having a workout buddy is the best strategy. For some time I did a yoga class with a friend of mine and it was so much easier to actually go just because I knew she was there and we would have a good time. Also trying a 30-day challenge seems like a good idea.


    1. Hi Sarah, glad you enjoyed it! I think everyone struggles to some degree, we just have to trick ourselves back into it. Having a workout buddy makes it way easier to commit to the routine, and it’s hard to bail on a workout when someone else is depending on you.


    1. Hi Lizzie, thanks for reading! There are some great workout apps out there, as well as some diet trackers. I use the My Fitness Pal app and it really helped me balance everything so much better.


    1. I absolutely love tennis! It’s so fast paced and it doesn’t even feel like working out lol. I’ve been meaning to integrate some fun activities like that into my routine. Great idea!


  2. Along with these tips, I would include formulating a way to stay motivated. Working out with friends distracts me so I always need to come up with a way to keep going.


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