30 Things That I’m Grateful For Lately

This time of year I spend more time reflecting on life than usual. I’m definitely an over-thinker as it is, but I think the holidays bring out a different side of everyone. We’ve had a lot going on lately, between my new career developing, Kyle’s future in the military becoming more clear, my brother’s deployment, and other family things, it can be overwhelming at times.

It’s really easy to forget all the good that’s happening, because we’re too busy going through the motions.

We are so lucky to have the people we have in our lives, both near and far. We’re so lucky to have a bright future, with all of these possibilities. We’re lucky to have each other, as well as the family and friends that we’re surrounded by. Here are 30 things that I’m grateful for lately.

  1. My brother is more than halfway through his deployment. Yay!
  2. It’s finally the holidays; my family time of year.
  3. We have a vacation (almost) fully planned for March and I’m SO excited.
  4. My career is taking off much faster than I anticipated.
  5. After a small health scare, everything is looking up!
  6. I’m back to running (not everyday, but every other).
  7. We wrote out our first budget, and I love knowing how much we’re saving.
  8. We have a great home, and I’m so glad we found it.
  9. My parents house is almost finished being built after months of hard work.
  10. A lot of our bills are almost paid off.
  11. Movie nights with my parents.
  12. My best friends reaching their career goals and finding their way after years of school and endless applications.
  13. Fall in New England. No explanation needed.
  14. The friends that I’ve stayed connected with, regardless of time and distance.
  15. Working for a company that allows paid volunteer days. I wish every company did this – It’s such a great way to give back.
  16. The support that my family has always given me. I owe them everything.
  17. My relationship. I still look at Kyle sometimes and wonder how I found him. We’ll be celebrating 6 years in January.. so crazy.
  18. Uggs: I’m a big fan.
  19. This blog, and the community that it has introduced me to.
  20. Wine. Red Moscato, to be specific.
  21. The little barista bar at work. I visit very often.
  22. Family traditions that we’ve held on to forever. I’ll be so proud to make traditions with my own little family someday.
  23. My little comfy nook where I drink my wine and type up posts like this. It’s my own little spot.
  24. Coffee shops that stay open late.
  25. Early morning workouts. They make me feel like a new person.
  26. Yoga. I’ve been doing yoga for about a year now, and although my headstand is a little wobbly, I’ve progressed a lot.
  27. One of my favorite teachers from middle school is currently on remission from cancer. He’s an amazing person, with the most supporting little family. I’m so glad they have many more years together.
  28. My Starbucks order being free the other day because I waited too long. It was only 5 minutes! I tried to argue, but they insisted. Fine by me I guess.
  29. Having our bed all to myself this week. I miss Kyle, as always. But since he’s been away for training, I’ve been sprawling out and taking up all the space. It’s going to be hard to get used to when he comes back.
  30. Myself. I’m grateful for my own health and happiness. I’m grateful that I’m strong, and that I’m me.

What are you reflecting on lately? What are you grateful for?

Published by Amanda N

Lifestyle blogger 🎗 Navigating life as a military spouse on the East Coast. Join our adventure!

6 thoughts on “30 Things That I’m Grateful For Lately

  1. This is a great time for reflection. I love yoga too! So glad I picked it up a couple of years ago. It’s life changing! I think it’s so great to recognize yourself! We always do the best we can and we should stop and reflect and be proud of ourselves. Happy Holidays:)


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