Life Update: Wedding Prep and Big Changes

Good Morning lovelies, and Happy Monday! I’ve been very on and off with this blog over the past few months, so I apologize for the sporadic posts. Truth is, a lot has been happening over here, and it’s just too difficult to keep up. From getting engaged and planning a wedding, to juggling my fairly new career, to working towards buying a house (YES, that’s right!) I’ve been spread pretty thin. But as I settle in and get used to my ever-changing routine, I can’t help but think of how much I love this blog. I love writing and sharing ideas, and reading the amazing blogs created by all of you! It has been such a great outlet for me, and I’m trying to find my way back to it.

What’s been going on around here:

As many of you know, I got engaged in December just before Christmas. It’s still very surreal to me, but such a wonderful feeling. Kyle and I have been together for over 6 years, and in that time we’ve experienced so much life together. So much change, joy, growth, and pure happiness, and our wedding day will be absolutely incredible.

I’m still in the midst of a LOT of wedding planning but we got some of the big things out of the way. We officially have a venue as of April, and our DJ, honeymoon, and photographer are booked as well. These are the biggest money items, so I wanted to get them locked down as soon as possible. I still have a long list of things to plan, but I’m feeling confident that it’ll all come together.

I started physical therapy for my running injuries. Despite the advice I’ve given others, I put this off for way too long and was officially diagnosed with compartment syndrome. If you don’t know what compartment syndrome is, it’s not pleasant. It basically means that a compartment in your legs has stopped circulating blood the way that it needs to. The blood gets trapped, causing pressure and internal swelling to build up. If the blood has no way of circulating, it can eventually seep into different compartments, causing major issues. Compartment syndrome is scary as it is, but the pain itself was becoming unbearable.

My work has a clinic downstairs, and they have a great team of physical therapists. So on my lunch I usually go down there 1-2 days a week and go through my routine. It’s not “fixed” yet, but I’m not in nearly as much pain as I was. This whole issue began about a year and a half ago when I broke my foot. I was at a point where I could run 1 mile if I absolutely forced myself, and even then, I would end up in tears. My muscles are very overworked according to them, so I’m focused on a different approach to exercise, which leads me to my next update..

I started seeing a personal trainer, and it has been an awesome experience. I see her twice a week for circuit training, and it’s always something different so it’s keeps my body changing the way it needs to. My first session with her was so intense, I was sore for 4 days. I wish I was kidding. She’s also creating a meal plan for me which will be 12 weeks long, with check-ins 1 time per week. I wanted to do this for a lot of reasons, weight loss being one of them. But most importantly, I wanted to gain better knowledge of what my body needs, and how to counter the fitness plateaus that a lot of people face. Plus, I want to look amazing in my wedding dress, obviously!

I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary at my job! I can’t believe that it’s already been a year. To be honest, the transition was rough. When I graduated college in 2015, I had a full time job that I had been pursuing for about 3 years already. I loved the people that I worked with (mostly) and it literally broke my heart to leave. It was the most emotional experience I’ve had with a job, and just thinking about it makes me a bit anxious still.

I went full force into my new career, and have grown so much over the last year. It’s not the “perfect” job, but it’s an amazing opportunity and I’m learning a lot from the people around me. I’ll keep you all posted on what’s to come with that.

Kyle decided to further his military career. This is still a bit up in the air (surprise, surprise) but he’s been waiting a long time for this opportunity and I couldn’t be more proud of him for pursuing it. I have my fingers crossed that we just have one more month until we know what the plan is, and then we can get things moving! I’ll keep you all updated on what happens, either way.

We got pre-approved to buy a home. We have been on the serious hunt for a home for about 1 year now, and it has been quite the journey. Our lease is up at the end of October, and we went into the mortgage office expecting that we had to do a lot more work on our finances before we could be considered “ready”. But with our credit scores and combined income, we got approved! This means we can actually go look at houses and put in an offer if we find the one!

I immediately started reaching out to realtors and getting everything lined up to see 5-6 houses over the next few weeks. There’s a good chance I’ll be moving all of our things alone, but I’m more than ready to stop paying rent and start paying for something we will eventually own. The timing is never perfect for these kinds of things, so I’m just taking it day by day.

As you can see, it’s been a wild ride. Sometimes everything you’ve waited for starts happening at once, and you just have to remind yourself to be grateful. What have all of you been up to?!

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6 thoughts on “Life Update: Wedding Prep and Big Changes

  1. “Sometimes everything you’ve waited for starts happening at once, and you just have to remind yourself to be grateful.” And, really, isn’t it wonderful when that happens?! Congratulations! Enjoy the ride! 🙂


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