5 Ways To Fancy Up Your Home

Home decor is one of my favorite things. With warmer weather coming, it’s the best time to revamp our homes. I could roam through the aisles of Home Goods for hours and be perfectly content.  I know some of you are totally on the same page, but for many, the whole experience can be daunting.

When we first bought our home, it was a significant leap from the apartment life that we had grown accustom to. We thought that we had a lot of things, only to realize that we couldn’t even fill most of the rooms. So, we began the long and indecisive process of choosing our home decor. We wanted our home to truly exemplify little pieces of who we are, while still being cohesive and not a scattered mess. But we started to find that most of our things were very basic, and it lacked that cozy yet chic look that we were searching for.

For those of your who have gone through this process, or are starting to map this out, you know that the struggle is real. I love me some Pinterest, but there were so many different directions to go in. Searching Pinterest for inspiration is like going into Forever21 for an outfit.. It takes days. But I was able to find some great ideas that allowed us to “fancy up”, and they’ve made a huge difference in our home.

Mercury Glass

I’m talking candle holders, vases, decorative bowls, etc. Mercury glass is easy to find in a neutral color, and can bring some tasteful sparkle to your rooms. We have these in various sizes across our mantle, and it’s such an accessible and inexpensive way to add some glamour to your home. One of my favorite home decor blogs, Our Southern Home, uses mercury glass for all seasons throughout their home.

Silk Flowers

I know, fake flowers seem tacky. But quality fake flowers are a game changer, and I have found just a few that I stand by. These are great for your dining room table, or just displayed in your entry way to bring some color to the room. I love real flowers and when possible, I use them. But it gets old to constantly be changing out the dead ones. So I have included the link to some that I consider to be excellent quality.

Bar Carts

This has been my latest obsession, and I just ordered my own a few weeks ago. Whether you’re decorating a smaller space or a large one, these can be worked into any room. And who doesn’t love a little fancy cart dedicated to alcohol?! The best part, is they can really be as “fancy” as you want. Whether it’s wooden shelves with iron accents, or marble shelves with gold accents. These are often a pricier part of decor, but I have linked some great options below.

Chrome & Glass – Square

Gold & Glass – Round

Wood & Iron – Square

Floating Shelves

It took me a long time to realize I needed shelves in my home. I was always worried about mounting shelves on the wall, especially after you’ve worked so hard to re-paint everything! But they’re so easy to mount, and they come in various finishes, stains, and colors. Having these has allowed us to display our personal effects, while avoiding any clutter. Our wedding pictures and trinkets can now be front and center, without the messy hardware that comes with regular shelving. Some of my favorites can be found here.

Storage Solutions

Baskets galore! But not just any baskets. I made the mistake of buying a ton of random, cheap baskets when we first moved into our home. All I cared about at the time was having storage, and I didn’t pay enough attention to the quality of that storage. As we figured out our style over time, they started to look dingy and stuck out like a sore thumb. They looked more like something you would see in a college dorm rather than someone’s living room.

My hold up was always the fact that quality baskets are not cheap, and I needed a lot of them. But I finally broke down and decided on two different styles that work really well together throughout our living room and bathroom closets. These add some bold and rustic tones to our space, while keeping our things organized. My favorite wire baskets can be found here and my woven baskets can be purchased in bulk here.

What are some ways you’ve changed your own home style?

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