Six Reasons Why You Should Be Friends With That Military Wife

As wives and girlfriends of military men, we meet a lot of people within our community that make an impression on us. Maybe they help us through a tough dilemma, or a long deployment. Or maybe they’re just someone we vent to every now and then. Through all of our experiences, we each have different bits of guidance that those who don’t understand this lifestyle can’t necessarily offer.

Although not all military wives and girlfriends have these qualities, the majority of our community does. We support each other during the wonderful, happy times, and during the really bad ones. Through various phases of military life, these are the women who become our long lasting friends. So here are the six reasons why you should be friends with that military wife (or girlfriend!) Continue reading “Six Reasons Why You Should Be Friends With That Military Wife”


Learning The Ropes: From Acronyms to Army Ranks

Sometimes the hardest part about being in this lifestyle is simply the lack of clarification. Everything has a symbol, acronym, or hidden lingo that is far from obvious for the rest of us. Continue reading “Learning The Ropes: From Acronyms to Army Ranks”

How To Dress Your Best At a Military Ball

Each year, many spouses, fiances, and girlfriends get anxious for one very special event: The Military Ball.┬áIt’s a very exciting and proud moment to be in attendance, and it’s a rare, once-a-year occasion where we can celebrate their accomplishments with everyone present. From what to wear to how to act, the military ball sets a high standard for couples to be on their best behavior in front of their loved one’s coworkers and bosses. But one way to ensure that the night will start off great is by picking the right dress. Continue reading “How To Dress Your Best At a Military Ball”

Five Great Benefits for Military Couples

Lately I’ve had a lot of emails asking about what the military has to offer for the individual serving and their dependents. First, I wanted to thank you all for reading my posts! It truly means the world to me to know that people from all over are seeking information and assistance, and that I have been asked to be a part of that journey. Continue reading “Five Great Benefits for Military Couples”