8 Places You Can Only Find in New England

Yes it’s true, I was born and raised in a cold, beautiful, “wild” place, known as New England. Full of eccentric Boston sports-lovers and the home of the “masshole”, it has become one of my favorite places. I find comfort in many of New England’s quirks, and often times find myself missing the northeast whenever I travel somewhere.

If you’re not from New England, or have never been, than there are many things that you’ve probably never even heard of! From amazing sights to restaurants, some of the best places can only be found in New England. Here are my favorites!

Aroma Joes

 I’m not really sure how Aroma Joes started, but one day they just kinda popped up and I’ve been obsessed ever since! Aroma Joes is just a simple drive thru with amazing coffee. Besides Starbucks, they’re always my go to for my daily latte. If you happen to visit Maine, don’t miss out!

Mexicali Blues

 Handmade jewelry, jewelry boxes, mittens, and other little trinkets. Need I say more? I can’t say I have a lot of jewelry, because I’m pretty simple when it comes to getting dressed up. But I have a lot of Mexicali pieces, and they’re all so pretty and unique.

Flatbread Company

 This restaurant has become pretty popular in our area over the past couple years. They’re basically a fancy pizza and salad place, with all organic ingredients and an ever-changing menu. Before Kyle left for training we ate here for the first time, and have gone a million times since then. It’s fancy enough for date night, but still relaxed enough for dinner with friends. Definitely recommend!

Longfellows Wayside Inn

 As the oldest operating inn in the country, the Longfellow Wayside Inn is like no other. My cousin had her wedding here this past October, and I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful place. Whether you’re planning a weekend away, or a big event, be sure to check this out!

Mount Washington

 In July of 2013, I hiked up to the top of Tuckermans Ravine, just before the summit of Mount Washington. Unfortunately it was too foggy to climb all the way up, (and too dangerous) but it was an experience I’ll never forget. There’s nothing like being above the clouds, looking down on the enormous mountains that surround you. And afterwards, you’ll be so tired you’ll have to take the train back down the auto road, which is pretty cool by itself!

Boston Bruins Home Game

 New England sports are known for their intensity, and our Boston Bruins definitely meet this expectation. The game, the environment, and the whole experience really captures what New England is all about. And our very own Boston Square Garden (TD Garden) is home of the 1970 Stanley Cup game winning goal, made by Bobby Orr in overtime versus the St. Louis Blues. His statue still stands in the courtyard in remembrance of one of the most amazing moments in sports history.

The Juice Bar

 Located in the adorable little village of Nantucket, MA, The Juice Bar offers fresh squeezed juices and homemade ice cream. I’ve been juicing for a couple of years now, and I love to find new juice places for inspiration. It’s a great way to add in some healthy treats while on vacation.

Zeb’s Country Store

 Located in the heart of North Conway, NH, Zeb’s serves as the go-to place for little souvenirs and penny candies. Here you can find New England maple candy of all sorts, house made beef jerky, gourmet coffee, hand made soaps, and all kinds of rare items. I could (and have) spend hours searching this place! And it doesn’t hurt that it’s surrounded by the White Mountains. Talk about a lot to look at!

Have you visited any of these places? What are your favorite places to go to where you live?

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