Celebrating Our Five-Year Anniversary

This past Saturday, Kyle and I celebrated five full, beautiful years of being together. Five years of so much love, patience, and kindness, that I often look back and get lost in how much has happened.  We have been through so many amazing experiences and changes, all wrapped into the twists and turns of my favorite love story. Continue reading

5 Holiday Gifts For Your Military Man 

 1. Dollar Shave Club | 2. Standard Issue Ballistic M-Frame 2.0 | 3. Combat Pack Tees | 4. Leatherman MUT Multi-Tool | 5. United States Army Zippo

It can be really tricky to get creative with holiday gifts, especially when you’re shopping for someone who’s in the military. We all want to find that special surprise that pertains to their service and every day life. Here are 5 ideas that they’ll be loving all year long!


Shaving is a large part of military requirements, meaning no beards and no hair that touches the ears. As part of their daily routine, it’s important to have the right products! Dollar Shave Club keeps it nice and simple, with 5 razors to choose from and one (inexpensive) payment each month. They deliver right to your door, and you can add other products such as shaving creams and hair gels. It saves time and money, giving him less to worry about. Great for stocking stuffer ideas too!


There are quite a few limitations as far as what can be worn while in uniform, so it can be tricky when it comes to sunglasses. But this pair (currently) is allowed! As part of the Standard Issue Series from Oakley, they offer eye protection for range days, as well as comfort for regular use. They also have interchangeable lenses with a clear option if they’re just being used as safety glasses. Although they’re pretty pricey, they’re a great investment for a gift that would be used all year.

3. | Grunt Style Combat Pack

These come in various assorted colors, and can be purchased separately as well. I’ve bought these packs a couple of times now, and they definitely get plenty of use. Kyle usually uses the tan under his uniform, and uses the others for the gym and daily wear. They’re extremely soft and simple, making them a great gift for anyone! And the best part? They guarantee their products for life, whether it’s holes, tears, stains, etc. Read more about their guarantee here.


Everything but the kitchen sink. This multi-tool “MUT” (military utility tool) was created for those who work in EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) but it could really be useful for anything. The MUT features some of your basic tools for everyday use, as well as specialized tools like wire shears and cleaning rod/brush adapters. It has everything you may need, all wrapped into one handheld tool. And you can even add an engraving and make it customized!


Zippo has always had some great engraved options, and the military ones are definitely a favorite. You can choose anything from the simple style to the more intricate designs, and some of them even pertain to a certain MOS. And if you don’t find one you like, grab a plain silver one and get it engraved with their name, branch, or unit. It can be a very personal gift, while still being affordable for everyone!

It’s always tough finding the perfect gift, while still trying to save some money. So just keep in mind that you don’t have to spend a lot to get creative and personal with your gift-giving. And stay tuned for my gift guide to stocking stuffers!

What are your Christmas gift ideas for the military man in your life? Have you given any of these?