Affordable Fitness Wear For Every Season

With Christmas just around the corner (25 days!) I’m working with Fabletics this month to introduce some of their awesome workout gear! I’m pretty picky about what I workout in, because I got so tired of spending tons of money on things that either wore out, or only felt good to sleep in. I mean, who wants to buy $50 workout pants and end up sleeping in them rather than what they’re meant for? Not me.

Fabletics was created by Kate Hudson, a woman we all know of pretty well. Her active lifestyle inspired her to create better workout clothes for herself, and the rest of the world. And I thought there’s no better time to share this company than when everyone is looking for the perfect Christmas gifts!


Current Deals: All new members (email signup) get a whole outfit for $25! And the best of all: Free Shipping. Whether it’s for you, or a gift for someone on your list, it’s within everyone’s budget. I was blown away when I first signed up. I thought it must be some kind of hoax, or there must be something else I have to sign up for. But after I picked out my outfit and went to checkout, sure enough it was $25. And they don’t limit you to only getting shorts and a tank top. There’s a wide selection of outfits, depending on what type of exercise.

Extremely Versatile: The company’s goal from the beginning was to make workout gear that pertains to various sports/exercises. From yoga, to Zumba, and everything in between, they make clothing that improves your exercise experience. When I first got into yoga I hated that certain positions would make my shirt go up over my head. When you’re in the middle of a class, it’s kinda awkward! But Fabletics makes fitted, soft shirts that are perfect for the various movements! So take the Lifestyle Quiz and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Quality: I have a habit of wearing one thing really often when I like it. This is exactly what happened when I got my first pair of yoga capris from Fabletics. I figured that eventually I would wear holes in them or something, but after 2 years they haven’t even faded. I wear them to the gym, to bed sometimes, and when I workout outside. Fabletics promotes and supports incredible quality, making that $25 even more worth it.

I’ve always been a very active person, and with that, I’ve tried a lot of company’s and brands. I’ve tried the less expensive ones, thinking I could just replace them later on, and I’ve tried the pricy ones, assuming they would last. But Fabletics provided a happy medium that I could afford when needed, and I can count on it lasting.

This Christmas I put Fabletics on my own list (Kyle loves online shopping) and also got my mom her first Fabletics outfit! She’s heard me talk about it for so long, she’ll be really excited to try it out. You can check some people off your list too by clicking the link below and entering your email. Don’t forget to take the Lifestyle Quiz and find out what gear works best for you!

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9 thoughts on “Affordable Fitness Wear For Every Season

    1. I have loved it so far! Everything I bought is so soft but really holds up well. I haven’t experienced canceling, so I’ll have to ask around. But overall I really enjoy their outfits.


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