December Goals

Happy Wednesday everyone! This is my first time posting my general goals (you can see my November fitness goals here) but I think it’s important that I start writing them down in some way. Usually I just keep a mental note, but I think I’ve lost track of some of my smaller goals this way. And I definitely don’t want to wait until the New Year to start resolving some things, so here it goes!


+ Be more aggressive with my approach when needed. (Explanation: I’m in sales, and since I’m a woman I often get treated like I don’t know the product I’m selling as well as the men do. It’s crap.)

+ Don’t bring work stresses home with me.

+ Balance!


November Recap:

+ Take a multivitamin: still working on it!

+ 3- mile time of 24:00: I got there, but I couldn’t stay consistent. My body is worn out from running that much right now.

+ Maintain my healthy eating habits: Done!

+ Drink more water: complete fail here. I really need to do this one.

+ Consume less sugary drinks: Done!

+ Lose 10 pounds this month: Completely unrealistic. Don’t know what I was thinking when I typed that. Good news: I did lose 4!


+ Reach a 16:30 2 mile time. Slowing it down this time.

+ Balance cardio and weights. I’ve been wearing my body out with the running, and I don’t want to get injuries.

+ Lose 5 pounds. That’s only 1 more than last month, and it’s roughly 1.5 per week. Much more reasonable.

+ Eat more snack in between meals (usually people strive for the opposite but strangely, I never snack)


+ Eat out less

+ Keep a budget for each person for Christmas gifts (I tend to go overboard)

+ Write out a budget plan for bills, car payments, etc.


+ Learn to cook/bake better. I have a lot of baking ahead of me for this month and I really need to get good at it!

+ Worry less about the future, it isn’t here yet. I’m getting worked up about things that aren’t even definite yet.

+ Fill out my planner for the year.

+ Go through mine and Kyle’s jackets and see if there are any we can donate.

+ Judge my body less. It’s been a problem for a while.


+ Find new way to show my appreciation. Kyle does a lot of little things for me that I overlook when I’m grumpy or annoyed that the house is a mess. I need to start recognizing those things.

+ Plan a surprise date. I always bug Kyle about not surprising me very often, but I don’t do it for him either. But I’m going to start!

+ Be more open. This is mostly a goal I have for Kyle, but I think that it’s my responsibility to help him be more open with me. He has a lot of stresses and worries that he keeps inside.

+ Talk about next year. Next year is going to bring a lot of changes for us, with a pending deployment and a million other things. We have both avoided it, but I want to start 2016 knowing exactly what our game plan is.

What are your December goals? Any thoughts on your official New Year’s resolution?

10 thoughts on “December Goals

  1. I LOVE that you put your goals out there like that. It IS possible for you to lose that weight though!! That mindset won’t help though 😉

    My goals this month are to also create a Christmas budget and to talk about next year. My fiance will be leaving sometime soon for a deployment, so we also need a game plan.


  2. That´s a lot of things! Pretty good goals, actually! All the best with achieving them! I´d love to know, once 2015 is over.
    Myself, I haven’t thought much about anything yet, I´m in a huge stressful situation right now… Although one new years reslolution is set and that is ro run a half marathon and maybe a whole one on top at the end of the year!
    I really enjoyed reading your post, it definitely made me think… XO


  3. About the budgeting thing, have you ever used Learnvest? It was a bit of an upfront investment, but I’m now in Month three and I love it! It has been so helpful for regaining control of my finances. I feel so much better. I’m within my budget more. And I’m learning more about the best way to manage my money.


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