Finding The Perfect Holiday Look

Good morning readers! It’s almost the weekend again, thank god, and I have begun a never ending search for the perfect holiday dress. So far it’s been a lot of online shopping, but later today I’m hoping to drag Kyle out to do some real shopping!

This year I’m totally obsessed with anything sparkly, mostly gold and red shades. I want something that’s mid thigh length, and preferably long sleeve because it’s not exactly warm up here. I like to keep it pretty simple, which is what inspired the above look.

This year I have a few holiday parties to attend, including of mix between family and friends. I wanted to get a little more dressed up than usual, and now is the perfect time! Here is my holiday look:


Red Lace Mini | H&M $15

You can keep it classy and simple in this mid thigh dress, with an elegant fitted design. After trying this on I was honestly surprised at how flattering it was. I expected it to be a little bit too revealing with the open back, but it’s the perfect balance!

TIP: If you’re going to choose a dress with a deep V in the front, try to avoid an open back. And likewise if it’s the other way around. You want to have a nice balanced out look with some sexiness, but don’t go overboard. If you’re worried about length, throw in some color tights for extra warmth.

Bow Pearl Earrings | Etsy $26

The gold bow with the pearls really compliments this vibrant dress. I chose these simple earrings and avoided picking out a necklace because I didn’t want it to look too busy and complicated. But you could certainly add a cute necklace or add some bigger earrings for a more flashy look.

TIP: If you’ve chosen a more intricately designed dress or a busier pattern, try to stick to some simple jewelry. A dress with lots of lace or sparkles can usually speak for itself, and doesn’t need a bunch of flashy additions. Also, if you have an embellished neckline, a necklace might not even be needed!

Gold Heels | Kate Spade $150

You know the heels are always the most expensive part, and I had to work some more gold in there somewhere! Not too high and not too strappy, these are yet another way you can compliment a dress like this. Although they’re pricey, you can certainly pair them with some other outfits for a night out, or wear them again for New Years!

TIP: If you’re usually not comfortable in heels and you know you’ll be on your feet a lot, don’t bother. It’ll end your night much sooner than planned if you end up with sore feet due to your heels. Stick with some cute gold flats instead!

What are you wearing to your holiday parties?

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5 thoughts on “Finding The Perfect Holiday Look

  1. I love the holiday dress. It’s so classy yet so affordable. Great job. It’s always fun to see what good finds people post. The earrings are adorable. I also like shoes. I’m in the market for a good pair of comfortable nude pumps! Sparkly shoes are a great idea for the holidays – especially with New Years around the corner.

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    1. Thanks! I’m definitely a big fan of the nude pumps; I recently found a great pair at Macy’s that were on clearance luckily. I always go for the Michael Kors because of course the most comfortable are always the most expensive ha. I’m so excited for all of the holiday parties – there are some great outfit options this year!


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