Ringing In The New Year: Goals for 2016

It’s finally here! The much anticipated, bright, hopeful, New Year. For us, 2015 was a lot of changes, both good and bad. It was full of wonderful memories, new friends, a promotion, a college graduation, two moves, a new job position, some loss, and a whole lot of gain. It wasn’t until I sat down and really evaluated all of these things that I realized how much actually happened. It didn’t seem too overwhelming until I looked back on it.

Now that it’s 2016, I get to leave behind the struggles that we faced last winter of trying our best to make ends meet. I can leave behind the stress of learning a whole new job position, counting the days until graduation. There are so many negative things that we can all leave behind, and motivate ourselves with the hope of moving forward into a very bright 2016. And with that, we are given a fresh slate on our goals, and the changes we will make to reach them.




+ Only run 2-3 days a week.

+ Create a structured meal plan.

+ Stay focused! I tend to lose sight of my fitness goals each week. oops.

+ Eat more veggies and fruits! I used to be so good about this.


+ Start putting more into our savings.

+ Get a “Christmas Account” for next year. This allows you to put away money and save all year for holiday expenses.

+ Create a vacation savings account! We are really lucky to have a good income the past 6 months, and it has allowed us to put away a good amount of money. We’re hoping to take a vacation!


+ Look into possibly furthering my career elsewhere.

+ Expand my blog. I’ve already taken a step in the right direction with this, and moved to a new host today! I look forward to growing and writing way more.

+ Make less pointless purchases. I’m totally guilty of this.


+ Encourage more. Kyle and I have always been a team, and we have always motivated each other to go for whatever we want. But sometimes we all need an extra push to get to those goals that seem out of reach. I’ll post more about this as it unfolds.

+ More “quiet” time. I’m a restless person at times, and it causes me to drag Kyle all over the place. I need to learn to just chill, and sit at home. It drives him crazy!

2016 GOALS


+ Grow, Grow, Grow! Whether it’s at my current job (I’ve been there for 4 years) or a new one. Or 2 jobs even!

+ Explore the possibility of moving elsewhere. This depends on the military of course.


+ My only goal: lose 30 pounds. Yes it’s a lot, yes it’ll probably take most of the year, but yes, I will finally do it.


+ Buy our first home! God willing. This depends on the military as well.

+ A new car for Kyle. It’s been a long time coming for this one..

+ Start a retirement fund and/or invest in stock. It sounds super old-ladyish to be typing that out, but let’s be real. Retirement is something we all have to look into at a young age, given what the future is looking like.


+ Write more. I’ve always had a passion for writing, and I think I really need to find out what I’m capable of.

+ Travel! Read more about this in Our Traveling Bucket List!

What are your goals for January, and 2016 overall?

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3 thoughts on “Ringing In The New Year: Goals for 2016

  1. I started a retirement fund this year! I did mine through Betterment. I set up a RothIRA, which you can max out with 5500 each year. This is my referral link and you get 6 months free by signing up with it (I get one month free, if you do): betterment.com/invite/emilieburke
    I explored a LOT of different options and am happy to help walk you through some of them. Shoot me an email: burkedoesshop@gmail.com.


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