Beach Day Essentials 

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing a few of my beach day essentials for a day of fun in the sun. There’s a lot to consider when you’re packing for the beach: sun, sand, water, wind, etc. And if you don’t plan accordingly, a beautiful day at the beach can turn into a disaster; sunburns and all.  Here are the items I can’t leave without, as well as a list of extras that you may want to include!

Sun Bum Cool Down Lotion

Sun block is vital of course, but this cool down lotion is amazing if you get a burn. It contains aloe and other ingredients that can prevent a sunburn from reaching full force. It’ll also moisturize to prevent peeling, which is the worst part of a sunburn if you ask me!

Roll-Up Beach Towel

Typically, any beach towel will do. But it’s great to have one that can be rolled up, making it way easier to carry along with all of your other things. I found mine at Target!

Cute Flip Flops

I’m not very picky when it comes to flip flops, because let’s be honest, they get trashed after wearing them all summer. I usually stick to the $5 Old Navy flip flops, however, it’s great to have something that you can wear after the beach just in case.

We usually go to the beach with friends, so it’s fun to bar hop or go to dinner after a long day in the sun. Having some cute sandals that can go from day to night makes this a lot easier. You can find a few of my favorite pairs here.

Sun Hat

I used to think that sun hats were way too fancy for me, but let me tell ya, they’re awesome! If you’re not a big fan of sunglasses, a nice big sun hat will help you stay somewhat shaded. I love walking down the beach to search for sea glass and shells, and not having to wear sunglasses makes them way easier to find.

Beach Bag

It’s important to have a beach bag that can fit all of your things, but preferably one that isn’t enormous. You don’t want to be stuck lugging a huge bag around, especially if you’re heading to lunch or dinner after. I always try to find a medium sized bag that I can easily clean all of the sand out of.

Bathing Suit

This can pretty much make or break your beach day. Try to keep it simple with a bathing suit that isn’t too strappy or complicated. The most important thing is to be comfortable, but you don’t want any crazy tan lines either.

love bandeau bathing suits because they’re so simple, and if you choose the right one, you won’t need to adjust it all day! I’ve found a few of my favorites at Nordstrom, but they can be a bit expensive. If you’re looking for some great options for a lot less money, check out Forever 21.


One of the most important things to remember during your beach day is to stay hydrated. I always make sure to bring my favorite Starbucks tumbler and keep it nearby throughout the day. We like to bring a cooler as well with some ice and other drinks. It’s perfect for wine or iced coffee too!

Foam Football

My favorite part of going to the beach with friends is playing some games. Playing football is great for being in the water or just on the beach, and it brings everyone together. If you’re not a big fan or tossing a football, being a Frisbee or a beach ball. There are plenty of ways to stay active on the beach.

Waterproof Speaker


It can be risky to bring any kind of tech devices to a place where there’s tons of sand and water. Try to bring items that can be put in a sealed bag, or ones that are waterproof like these mini speakers. They’re great for playing music while you lay in the sun, or you can bring them out on the water with you! Music is a must for any beach day.

Some other items you may want to bring:




Portable Charger

Spray/Roll-On Fragrance

Mini Cooler

Wet Ones Wipes

Cover Up/Wrap

First Aid Kit


Hair Elastics



Makeup Wipes


Chap-Stick with SPF

Bobby Pins

Beach Umbrella


Spray Bottle

What are some of your beach day essentials?

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One thought on “Beach Day Essentials 

  1. Those flip flops are so cute!!! Chapstick with spf is a BIG must have for me. And lots of extra sunscreen! (I’m currently nursing a sunburn, so sunscreen is fresh on my mind… lol)


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