Five Things People Need To Stop Doing At The Gym

As most of you know, I’m a frequent gym-goer. I’m usually there 5 days a week, or I’m doing something outside to make up for it. I love my routine, and I’ve gotten to know the people that go to my gym pretty well. We all show up around the same time, and do the typical “smile and wave” gestures. We cheer each other on, while always keeping our interactions pretty brief. But there are some people that I’d rather not see

That sounds awful, doesn’t it? I feel bad even typing it, but it’s true. Allow me to explain. There are some people who come to the gym to workout, and there are some people that come here to do… I don’t really know what. Gossip? Socialize? Judge, maybe? All I know is that when I see them every day, doing the exact opposite of working out, I really question why they think that it’s okay. It takes all of my self control not to say, “Hey, there’s a time and place and it’s not here, and not right now.” But instead of ruining my gym experience, I’ll just share it with all of you! Here are the five things that people need to STOP doing at the gym:

Talking on the phone

If I had a dollar for all the times that someone was on a machine next to me, talking on the phone. And by talking I don’t mean texting.. I mean they’re booking doctor’s appointments and calling their grandmother. I know some life stories that I wish I didn’t, all because of this. I saw a woman running and talking on the phone once, and to my surprise she wasn’t struggling at all. If I tried that, I would either fall off the treadmill or the person on the other line would just hear a lot of heavy breathing. I’ll pass.

Getting on the treadmill right next to someone when there’s 40 others open

What is the deal with this? I can’t be alone here. It’s women and men that do it, and it drives me insane. Don’t you want your space? The gym is crowded enough, so if I have the luxury of choosing to be alone or breathing down your neck, I think I’m good with being alone. And the worst part is that the people who want to be right next to you, are the same exact people that want to stare at your mile time and how many calories you burned.

Trying to embarrass others by pointing out what they’re doing wrong

All kinds of people go to the gym, especially when it’s a place like Planet Fitness. So with that, you’ll see a lot of people who have their own routine/technique to workout. Some routines are extremely intense, while others are very laid back. I’ve always thought “to each their own” when it comes to working out. I do what’s best for my body and my goals, as should everyone.

So when another individual walks up to someone and tells them they’re doing something “wrong”, it’s hard to watch. 1. How do you know they’re doing it “wrong”? 2. You just made that person feel super incomfortable. And 3. If they’re truly doing it wrong, there are 5 employees here to inform them of that. You aren’t one of them.

There are some exceptions to this, such as if someone is about to injure themselves. But be very careful if you’re choosing to speak up. Sometimes it’s best to just walk up to the desk and let the attendants know what’s going on.

Having gossip sessions in the middle of the gym, loudly, for all to hear

This goes hand in hand with talking on the phone. Every morning, there’s a group of older gentlemen who meet up and stand in the middle of the gym having the loudest conversation possible. And it could be about anything, but it’s usually about politics.

If I’m running my ass off (literally) 100 ft. away from you, and I can still hear your argument about Donald Trump vs. Hilary Clinton, than that’s a little ridiculous. Sometimes it’s a little bit funny, because I make eye contact with other people and I know they’re thinking the same exact thing. We all share the eye roll and move on, but it’s still super obnoxious.

Standing on a machine just to watch the tv

Go home. Seriously, just go. I don’t even have cable, but when my workout is done on any particular machine, I get out of the way so that someone else can use it. I don’t care if the Red Sox are up by 3 or if the Real Housewives are about to get into their 1000th fist fight. And guess what? The person waiting behind you doesn’t care either. Having a TV on each machine is a luxury, but that shouldn’t be the reason you’re here.

What drives you crazy at the gym? Share any of these pet peeves?

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10 thoughts on “Five Things People Need To Stop Doing At The Gym

  1. Omg! I work at a YMCA so I know exactly what you’re talking about! See this stuff all the time… it’s irritating to staff too!


  2. The most annoying of all: Not re-racking your weights. Honestly people, I get it. You aren’t strong enough to. It’s okay, I got you. Even though I’m lifting half what you put on the bar, I’ll take it off and put it away for you. I know you aren’t strong enough and that’s why you had to leave suddenly and not re-rack your weights.

    Also: Grunty McGrunterson. I mean, could you NOT sound like you’re in a porno while working out? Once in a while is fine, and to be expected but honestly, there’s such a thing as too much.


    1. Haha! I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that I understand EXACTLY what you mean, or the fact that these people are multiplying during each round of “New Year’s resolutions”. Makes me want a home gym even more!


  3. Oh I hate these things! You put together a good list The worst to me is the people that gossip in the middle of the gym floor. I don’t want to hear that while I’m working out. So annoying. Go get coffee or go to a bar, socializing is not what the gym is for!

    I followed you on bloglovin! I love your stuff. Would love a follow back❤️

    XO Nicole


  4. I’m really shy so I definitely hate when people choose a machine next to me when there are plenty of others free.

    However I can admit that as a sports team made up of ten teenage girls that all attended the gym together, we were notorious for gossip sessions. Of course we are still working super hard, but we do tend to chatter a bit.

    One I would like to add is when people won’t let you share a machine with them. Both of us need to do ten reps on this as part of a circuit. So if you are resting, then what is the problem with letting someone else use it?


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