My Top 10 Military Inspired Etsy Shops

Happy Monday everyone! I’m celebrating the start of a busy week, as well as my 100th blog post. And even better than that, Kyle has this coming weekend off! It’s the second weekend we’ll have off together since June, and we’ll be attending a wedding with a few of our close friends. I’m super excited to see everyone, and to finally have time with him.

On days off, Kyle and I usually keep it pretty low key. We love exploring the local area and trying new restaurants. We’ve both always loved shopping around town as well, which usually involves me buying a bunch of things and him being a bit more frugal. He enjoys a different kind of shopping than I do, (guns, workout equipment, hunting stuff, etc.) but we both enjoy going from place to place and just looking at everything. Sometimes we don’t even buy anything.

But on days when we just want to stay in, one of my favorite ways to shop is online, and Etsy offers so many amazing vendors that are not only unique, but inexpensive too. Whether you’re looking for home decor, clothing, jewelry, or those other hard to find specialty items, it seems Etsy carries it all. But what I love most is that they have some really amazing shops for military related items and gifts. Here are some of my favorites:

The DOD And Me

I found this shop right around Christmas of last year while I was looking for a “Tactical Stocking” as a joke for my brother and Kyle. They love anything tactical, so I thought it would be really funny to find a stocking that I could put their name tags/unit patches on. This shop offered just that, as well as may other stitched designs. They have small and large gifts, making them perfect for any occassion.

Milso Made

I absolutely love signs with little sayings, and I have them all throughout our home. They’re personal, and they add a lot of character to any room. This shop offers various designs, most of which have a burlap background which gives them a cute, rustic appeal. They can all be customized with initials, dates, or the saying of your choice. They’re extremely well done, and each finished product looks clean and simple. I love that they can be added to any room, and still work perfectly. You can even add graphics! We actually have one in our bathroom that’s the outline of Georgia.

Cover Love

Kyle makes fun of me for my pillow obsession, but they’re all so cute! I see a lot of pillows that have cute sayings and designs, but it’s not often that you find a shop/company that has home decor pertaining to your actual lifestyle. My favorite of their designs are the state pillows, but the anniversary pillows are super popular as well. They would make an excellent house warming or wedding gift. The last thing I want is everything in our home to be tied to the military, (there’s enough gear around the house as it is) but these little pillow accents are a nice subtle way to bring both lifestyles together.

Military Apparel Co.

Etsy is full of some great stocking-stuffer gifts, as well as the bigger items. I love finding a bunch of little, inexpensive items, especially when they’re as unique as these. Military Apparel Co. sells various stitched key chains with military branches, patterns, and customized names. I love these because they’re subtle. I’ve never been one to wear an “Army Girlfriend” t-shirt out in public, nor will I ever. But the key chain is way less in-your-face, and it’s a nice little way to show support for your service member.

All American Gifts

All American Gifts offer a collection of memorabilia items, including shadow boxes and flag cases. They’re unique, classy, and much more affordable than similar items I’ve come across. These would make a great addition to any home office or family room, and they can be completely personalized.

Gracefully Jaded

There’s something really classy yet rustic about wooden signs, and this shop offers some designs that I’ve never seen anywhere else. They focus on military life, and the various places we end up living because of it. The prices range from about $30 up to $150, so it’s a shop that can fit any budget.

Cherish Your Hero

For those of you looking for a unique and high quality military tee, along with tons of other options, this is the shop to find. I love how different these designs are, and the fact that I know no one else will have the same shirt. This is where I found one of my many R.E.D. (Remember Everyone Deployed) Friday T-shirts.

Christy Ray Designs

There’s pretty much an Etsy shop for everything you can think of, including this cute lineup of military inspired baby clothes. They’re all stitched to be unique and you can add any custom details you’d like upon request. They have outfits, as well as other accessories. My favorite pieces are the little camo headbands. They would be great for a military family photo shoot.

The Class Six

I really love this Etsy shop because they carry items that would be perfect for almost anyone in the military. They make gift-giving so easy with their simple glass designs, ranging from certain branches to specific units. And who doesn’t love nice glassware?

Southern Impact Signs

Kyle has a million stickers on his tool box at work, and almost all of them were found on Etsy. This shop carries tons of designs, but my favorite are the branch stickers that can be monogrammed. I just love the quality and detail. And for those of you looking for regular stickers, there’s nearly 100 unique choices. I have their pineapple monogram sticker on my laptop currently!

Location Inspirations

If you or someone you know are in a long distance relationship, or your significant other is deployed, these can make a very meaningful gift. They contain a little piece of  a map where your loved one is located, and they turn it into a small key chain. The meaning behind it is that they’re with you wherever you go. I’ve given them as gifts, but I also have one for myself. They’re truly awesome.

Do you do any online shopping on Etsy? Have you explored or purchased anything from these shops? I would love to hear your feedback!

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  1. Thank so much for your wonderful comments about Christy Ray Designs!

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