6 Things I Need To Stop Spending Money On

Over the past year or so, Kyle and I have really buckled down and started to save for our future. It started with the cars we wanted, and now it’s moved into more “adult” dreams, like a house. It’s amazing to look back and see how far we’ve both come in our careers, and the strides we’ve taken to build a more stable life. But one thing that constantly threatens our ability to budget and continue this growth are all the little things that we waste our money on. 

I know we all do it, and I also know it’s not the end of the world to not be frugal 24/7. But you really never know when all that money you spent on silly little things will actually be needed for something important. I always worry that I’ll buy that $80 wallet I always wanted, just to find out that our cars need repairs, or we need to replace something in our condo. These things do happen, and usually when we least expect it. And it’s not just big purchases that we waste our money on.. Usually the more expensive things are the things we actually need/save for over time. The real waste comes from the things we don’t need. Here are the 6 things I need to stop spending money on:


It’s sad to say, but it’s been a long time coming. I buy an iced coffee atleast once per day, and if you follow me on social media than you know what my favorite is. Starbucks. The single most expensive place to buy coffee. So if I go there 3 days a week, and maybe Dunkin Donuts the other 2-3 days, it quickly turns into $20+ dollars a week on coffee. When you really break it down, it proves how ridiculous it is.

We have tons of coffee at home that we either bought for ourselves or we were given. It’s so easy to just make some the night before and turn it into iced coffee in the morning. I could make an entire pitcher of it for the amount that I buy 1 coffee at Starbucks.. Not to mention the fact that I could save $100 per month, atleast.

Workout Clothes

I have an addiction to buying workout gear, clothes, sneakers, accessories, etc. my reasoning was always that they wear out eventually, so why not stock up? But when you’ve got 15 pairs of black capris/leggings, it’s time to stop. Because no matter how many I have, I’ll always choose to wear my favorites and the ones that are just “okay” will sit at the bottom of the drawer until I buy more.

But worst of all is the tank top/tee-shirt situation. After high school and college, I kept everything. I have team shirts from freakin’ 2008. No, I’m not kidding. And when am I going to wear those again? Never. Yet I buy more shirts and tank tops. I have a pretty large bureau but it’s packed full of these damn shirts.

Going Out To Eat

We love going out to eat, who doesn’t? It means no mess, no dishes, tons of options, and great drinks! But it also means $30-$50 per trip, and doing that too often can really deplete your bank account. We need to get better about making dinner, even if it just means throwing something in the crock pot before we leave for work. It would save tons of money, and eating out would become more of a special occasion than just a regular visit.


This goes hand-in-hand with the whole coffee thing. Where I work, there are little bistros that are conveniently placed so that you can grab something on the go. They have snacks, drinks, meals, and deserts that can be picked up on the way to any meeting, and it’s definitely a nice amenity to have in our workplace. But it adds up big time if you go there almost everyday. I usually grab some grapes, a water, and some crackers or something, which usually adds up to atleast $5. At the time, it never seems like a lot. But just like with the coffee, it’s about $25 per week.

Alcoholic Beverages

Whenever we go out to eat, we each like to get a “special” drink, which is typically a beer for Kyle and a margarita or some wine for me. Beer is usually $6+ and my drinks can be anywhere between $7 and $10. It’s totally fine to treat ourselves every once in a while, but it’s not necessary every time.

We aren’t big drinkers by any means, but we have plenty of wine and beer at home that costs way less than it would at a restaurant. It would be just as easy to wait until we get home, and have a drink there instead. I don’t want to limit us too much, but we could definitely cut some of these habits out.

Clothes That Don’t Fit

I buy clothes pretty regularly, and I honestly don’t buy a lot at once. But I hate trying things on it stores, so I usually just buy it and try it on at home. I always plan to return it if I end up not liking it, but lately I’ve been finding a lot of items in my closet with the tags still on them.

This past weekend I moved all of my summer clothes into totes and put them away, and took out my fall/winter wardrobe. I found 2 pairs of jeans with the tags still on them, both of which were a whole size too big. I had to wonder, why did I buy these? Why did I keep these? I could’ve returned them months ago and gotten my money back, or I could’ve taken the time to try them on and never bought them to begin with. It’s such a simple and common sense way to save money.

What are your biggest splurges? What advice do you have to budget better?

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26 thoughts on “6 Things I Need To Stop Spending Money On

  1. I struggle with the coffee thing too! If you find a good way to make a copy cat version of Starbucks iced coffee, let me know!


  2. I’ve become a workout clothes junkie! I workout at least 5 days a week (if not all 7) so I try to make sure I’m shopping clearance rack, I don’t need expensive clothes to get a good workout. 😊

    Also if you blend a spoonful of coconut oil in your coffee it gives you a frothy texture and is healthy for you.


    1. Hi Brittni, thanks for reading! I’m definitely a clearance rack type of girl as well lol. I usually stick to simple workout clothes so I can focus on the workout itself. But every now and then I splurge.

      And the coconut oil is a great idea! I’ve tried agave nectar, but i’ll have to try that next!


  3. My wife and I completely eliminate buying food and drink (coffee and alcohol) from anywhere other than the store for a few months whenever we’re saving for something. It’s amazing how much you can save.


    1. It really is! We’ve set a goal to limit ourselves to only having meals at home this month, and once we evaluate how much we’ve saved I think it’ll push us to change it completely.


  4. Our struggle is eating out. If we could just stick to the “eating out” budget that we set I believe we’d be able to save so much more. Good luck to you in sticking to your budget as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Nicole! We’re really trying to just make meals at home from now on. We ate out so much that it wasn’t even considered a treat anymore! Good luck to you as well!


  5. This are great examples of what we think are little splurges that get out of control. All things in moderation. Coffee alone is a huge example. Great article.


  6. Yes. I am the same way in that I never want to try stuff on in the store. Lately also I have been doing more online shopping, which is just a bottomless pit. It is more difficult to make a return, so a lot of times I just don’t and give the clothes to my sister.


  7. aww.. i think I also need to start renovating my budget.. yes your right need to stop spending too much with snack and clothes too.. and specially less times of eating out coz it cost too much..


  8. Oh coffee. I only get a coffee snapchat from you on a daily basis haha my big issue is coffee, alcohol and food too. It’s so easy to spend money on those things, especially when I’m out with Zack or with friends or family. I don’t see that changing for me any time soon though haha

    xo, Keating | Hello Lovely


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