Decor and Organization: The Perfect Tools For Any Office

Having an office space that’s your own is all about personalization. It’s the only area that belongs to you and only you, and given how hard that is to come by, it’s important to find a style that works for you. When I choose items for my office, I look for timeless styles that are unique and elegant, but still fun. I don’t want to have to change it every 3 months because I’m tired of the colors, but I also want a space that’s nice to look at after a long day of work.

I’ve always wanted to have a home where I could spread out more, and have this “dream” office. It doesn’t have to be anything too large, but just a simple space with some big windows would be ideal. Unfortunately, we don’t have the space for it right now in our condo, but I’ve got big plans for when that day comes!

Needless to say, my Pinterest board is packed with ideas. But a few days ago I decided to stock up for real, and decorate my office at work. I figured that I’ll just move everything when we have our home office, but for now it’s perfect for my little space at work. So if you’re looking to decorate and organize your own home office, here are some great items to start with:

Colorful Folders

My job requires me to constantly keep track of certain forms and files, so I’ve relied heavily on color coating everything. I hate seeing those cream colored files everywhere, so I decided to change it up. Not only does it keep the clutter off my desk, but the various colors actually make it way easier to find the info I need. I don’t have to rely on just reading the little tabs. Plus It’s a really inexpensive way to add some flare to your office space.

General Labels

I love to label everything, so when I began my search for some little office items, labels like these were at the top of my list. These particular ones are magnets, so they won’t hold huge stacks of paper together, but they’ll help you to categorize smaller groups. I have a lot of white and gold accents in my office currently, and I plan on integrating this same color scheme into my home office someday. I was happy to find that there are tons of decor options for white, gold, and black, from small items like these, to the larger items like furniture.

Binder Clips

These are actually some little labels that my coworker used to categorize her vacation plans. Similar to the magnet labels, these would allow you to divide up all of your work, but they have labels that are more specific to each group. These would be great to have within reach for meetings and seminars where you’ll be doing a lot of note-taking, but they could be used to separate personal items from your work as well. I’ve been using mine to categorize some financial info, as well as upcoming events.

Large Combined Divider

My desk at work is white (as you can see) so pretty much anything goes well with it. I chose this dark gold divider to add a little more style to the space, and it keeps the clutter much more contained. I have tons of pens scattered all over the place, so this divider keeps it all together. I really like that it’s not just for pens, or just for files. It groups them both together, because typically I’m using both at once anyways. I keep my sticky notes and labels in the far left box, and although it can get a little crowded with supplies, it allows me to atleast pretend that I’m organized.


I saw this at Target and had to have it. It’s just a simple plastic stapler with a gold base rather than silver, but I thought it was pretty cool personally. Little accents like this really add a lot to your office, and they can bring it from “cute and simple” to fancy and elegant, real quick.

Hanging Rack

I saw this at Home Goods and I’m definitely still thinking about going back for it. There are multiple styles like this one, with various sayings and designs. You can get one that has just a few clips, or one that covers half of you wall. They would be great for a “To Do List” area or may or even a design board, that way you can always stay on track.

Your office is a representation of you, so you can take your design in any direction that you want. Make sure you have a good balance of organizational items, necessities, and decorations. I’ll definitely be adding some pictures and little quotes to my office space, just to give it the personal touch that it needs.

How would/did you decorate your office area? What items do you rely on everyday?

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8 thoughts on “Decor and Organization: The Perfect Tools For Any Office

  1. I’ve definitely made it a mission of mine to make sure that my office is comfortable. I totally agree with you about it representing you as well. A lot of my coworkers comment on that my office has a tranquil vibe and that is EXACTLY what I was going for. I also love your customized folders. Super duper cute.


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