Fall Bucketlist

One of my favorite things about fall is that it’s the perfect time to get active, and get outside. The temperature is just right, and the foliage is amazing in New England.  Before we know it the ground is going to be covered in snow, so I’m excited to get out there and check some things off of my fall bucketlist!

+ Attend a wine tasting 

This has been on my list for a while honestly, but there’s no better time to sit on a deck sipping wine than now!

+ Scary movie marathon with friends

I’m not a scary movie fan (because I’m a wimp), but I’m going to suck it up and get some friends together for a night of movies.

+ Corn maze

We have an amazing orchard right near our house that has one of the biggest corn mazes I’ve ever seen. Even if I do get lost, I’m doing it.

+ Make homemade Halloween treats

I’ve seen a lot of creative recipes lately for Halloween treats, and I’m definitely going to test out my skills.

+ Host a dinner party 

We definitely don’t have tons of space, so this might have to wait. But I would absolutely love to host a party for some of our friend or family.

+ Get back into painting 

So yeah, I used to paint occasionally and some of my art is actually scattered around our house. But it’s been years since I made anything, so I really want to find some new inspiration.

+ Make a fire pit 

We love having fires in the fall and winter with friends, so I really want to make a new fire pit before the snow comes.

+ Get back to kickboxing class

A couple years ago I took an awesome kickboxing class that lasted about 8 weeks through November and December. It was inside, but it was the perfect release after work/classes each day.

+ Volunteer

A lot of nonprofits are looking for volunteers right now, and although I can’t imagine finding the time, I just submitted my application to volunteer for the Animal Refuge League.

+ Run outside 3 days a week

If you’ve been keeping up with me regularly, than you know I love to run. But I’ve been on a treadmill for too long, and now it’s the perfect temperature to get back outside.

+ Hike somewhere new

We’ve hiked a lot of mountains, but there are still so many we haven’t explored.

+ Spend a weekend away

This plan is already in the works. More on that later!

+ Cook my first turkey

We’re going to have our own little Thanksgiving! And then probably 4 more with family, which I’m always so excited for.


+ Apple Picking

+ Hard Cider Tasting

+ The Fair

+ Pick out pumpkins

What’s on your bucketlist this season? Have you already done some of these activities?

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7 thoughts on “Fall Bucketlist

  1. Wow I think this Fall bucket list is an amazing idea! Looks like you had a great time at the fair and with the apple picking!


  2. What a great fall bucket list! I have never cooked a turkey either, best wishes! I need to learn how to make these holiday meals so I can carry on the tradition with my girls. But my in laws do it every year, so it’s hard to pass up their perfect meal!


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