How To Make The Most Out Of Those Pre-Deployment Days

Separation in the military happens more often than we’d like, and is not always due to deployment. Whether your loved one is leaving for BMT, MOS School, deployment, or training, one thing that helps you keep your mind off of it is planning some fun activities. Continue reading “How To Make The Most Out Of Those Pre-Deployment Days”

Five Great Benefits for Military Couples

Lately I’ve had a lot of emails asking about what the military has to offer for the individual serving and their dependents. First, I wanted to thank you all for reading my posts! It truly means the world to me to know that people from all over are seeking information and assistance, and that I have been asked to be a part of that journey. Continue reading “Five Great Benefits for Military Couples”

Lessons I’ve Learned Being In a Military Relationship¬†

Being in a military relationship is unlike any other, and it’s often not what people imagine it to be. When Kyle joined the Army, many of my friends thought, “Okay, no big deal.” But I knew it was a big deal. How could it not be? People assume that it’s romantic and glorious, and it is¬†all of those things. Sometimes. Continue reading “Lessons I’ve Learned Being In a Military Relationship¬†“

The Best Items For Your Care Package

Being separated is just one of the many difficult obstacles in a military relationship. But a great way to stay connected with your soldier during training and deployments is through care packages. Sometimes they’re so busy that they can’t find the time to get necessary items, making it extra thoughtful for you to send them right over! Many military families have Christmas through care packages, making them a huge part of the holidays. These care packages can be for more than just the soldiers. It’s also a great way for you to feel like they’re still counting on you, even from far away. Continue reading “The Best Items For Your Care Package”

Staying Connected While Miles Apart

More often than we would like, part of being in a military relationship involves being separated for long periods of time. But there are many fun ways to make it easier on both of you. Continue reading “Staying Connected While Miles Apart”