Finding The Perfect Holiday Outfit: New Years Edition

Good morning readers! I don’t know about you, but it seems that the pre-Christmas rush ended way quicker than it began. Now we’re thrown into a whole new countdown for my favorite day of the year: New Years Eve! It’s hard to believe that 2016 is only about 48 hours away, and with that I wanted to kick it off with great friends, and the perfect outfit. 

1. Metallic Point Pumps | 2. Sleeveless   Blouse | 3. Sequin Skirt

In the past, New Years Eve is typical spent at small get-togethers with an intimate group, and casual wear. This has always been my favorite way to spend it, but this year we decided to change it up a bit. Especially since Kyle might not be home next year. So this year we have planned a fancy dinner out before counting down the New Year with good friends. I know, huge change… But for a fancy dinner, I needed a fancy outfit!

1. | METALLIC POINT PUMPS  In my hunt for these I found tons of different shades, but the sequins in the dress are a bit more copper than gold (can’t really tell in the picture). As much as I love gold, it was nice to lean in a different direction for this outfit. In my previous Holiday Outfit post I mentioned how I’m terrible at wearing heels. But I just can’t help it, I love them.

The heels are a moderate height, and so comfortable. But since I’ll be sitting for all of dinner, they won’t hurt my feet either way! The closed-toe style will keep me as warm as possible, and I know I’ll be wearing these again.


I found this simple blouse at H&M (one of my favorite stores) and it works perfect with the skirt! It was really hard at first to find something that wasn’t too complicated or shiny, given the detail in the skirt. The high neckline balances out with the short length of the skirt, offering just a small amount of detail at the very top.


I found this skirt at H&M as well, and for only $15! With all the sequins, I knew I had to have it. The skirt is super comfortable and has a very simple shape that can work for anyone. I’ll be pairing this with some black tights to tie the whole outfit together.

What will you be wearing for New Years Eve? What are your plans?

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2 thoughts on “Finding The Perfect Holiday Outfit: New Years Edition

  1. I love heels but I’m SO awful and not lady like when I’m wearing cute ones that are uncomfortable! We went to the Nutcracker two weeks ago and I was in tears and walking like a pregnant crazy person on our way back to the car afterwards. My hubby was dying laughing! Super cute outfit though! Happy New Year!


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