Why Wait For The New Year? Fitness Goals to Reach by December

One of my biggest downfalls in my own personal fitness is that I often put things off. I tell myself “it’s ok, I’ll just start on Monday instead.” Eventually Monday turns into never and I’m way behind on the goal that I wanted to reach. So I got to thinking: why do we wait until the New Year to make resolutions? Why not now?

The only way to reach a goal sufficiently is to make it time sensitive. Whether it’s a week, or a month, put a time stamp on what you want to achieve. Here are the goals I’ve adapted to reach by December 1st.

+ Lose 10 pounds this month 

A lot of people comment upon this goal and remind me “it’s a lot“. I’m aware it’s a lot, but by reaching that goal I will be at my ideal body weight. Last month I made a goal to lose 5, and I lost 7. I was really proud of my steady progress, and I want to keep it going. I’ve already lost 2 this month, so it’s 8 more to go!

+ Maintain my healthy eating habits

Last month I made a plan to eat healthier and really commit myself to losing some weight. I have slip ups here and there, but I’ve done incredibly well at eating portions of everything my body needs. A lot of people think that eating healthy means eating less. It’s the opposite actually. If you aren’t eating what your body needs, you’re actually worse off than those who eat too much. By not eating enough you increase your fat content and diminish your metabolism. Use this month to reflect on how you could change your diet!

+ Reach a 24:00 3 mile time

I’ve been running my whole life, so what once was a 1 mile time has now reached 3. My 1 mile is at 7:15 right now, so I gave myself some wiggle room knowing that I’ll probably slow down here and there. I usually work out 5 days a week, so I think that gives me plenty of time to reach my goal. I’m always striving to become a better runner, so this will be a continuous long term goal as well.

+ Drink more water

I have a tendency to drink a ton of water while working out, but barely any before and after. I’ve started by buying myself a nice canteen, and I’m going to try my best to drink throughout the day.

+ Consume less sugary drinks

Between a few margaritas, Red Bull, and lattes, I’ve had my fair share of sugar over the last week or so. I believe that by getting that under control, I’ll be able to reach my others goals and feel a lot better.

+ Start a multi vitamin

I’ve already purchased them, but I always forget to actually take them. I think if I put them in my gym bag I’ll be able to remind myself. Multi vitamins are a great way to jumpstart these goals, because my body will begin to get the nutrients that aren’t in my regular meals. I’ll have to try out a few brands to see what I like best.

What are your fitness/health goals this month? Any long term goals?

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5 thoughts on “Why Wait For The New Year? Fitness Goals to Reach by December

  1. I agree with you 100%…you have to start NOW. I finally had a few free minutes without the kids yesterday so I walked over to the gym and signed up for a whole year and I got up early this morning to get my workout in. I’m probably the only person who ever started going to a gym on a Friday morning in November but I did it and I feel great.

    Good luck with meeting your goals!


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