5 Vacation Destinations for Military Families

One of the obvious struggles of living a military lifestyle is the lack of time. Most days we barely have time to have a date night, let alone a vacation. Continue reading

Staying Safe at Home During a Deployment

Let’s face it, there are a million things you can worry about when your significant other is in the military. Among the biggest of those worries: deployment. As it gets closer, “sub-worries” pop up, like what if my car doesn’t start one morning? Or what if the washer breaks? The answer to most of these is that you learn, or you call someone.

But one thing that few of us really understand the gravity of until it’s here, is being alone. And with that comes safety concerns, from someone breaking in, to slipping and falling. As much as our loved one will constantly worry about this, we have to be the ones that take precautionary steps towards ensuring that we stay as safe as possible.

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December Goals

Happy Wednesday everyone! This is my first time posting my general goals (you can see my November fitness goals here) but I think it’s important that I start writing them down in some way. Continue reading

Affordable Fitness Wear For Every Season

With Christmas just around the corner (25 days!) I’m working with Fabletics this month to introduce some of their awesome workout gear! I’m pretty picky about what I workout in, because I got so tired of spending tons of money on things that either wore out, or only felt good to sleep in. Continue reading