5 Month Check-In

This week officially marks five months since we started this crazy journey. It also marks the change into Fall; another season that I’ll miss sharing with my husband. But I have to admit, it’s exciting to see another season come and go, knowing that we’re only that much closer to homecoming.

This month, I put a lot of focus on my health and changing some habits that just needed to go. Like many, I have a deep love for all things sugar related and I really needed to break the addiction. I started revamping my daily routine so that I had healthy snacks, and changed the time frame I was eating in. Sometimes I eat dinner way too late, and cooking for 1 was a huge struggle for me. So, I made a pact with myself. No more heavy meals for dinner, and no food after 7pm. This way, I can digest and burn some calories before I go to sleep.

After about 4 weeks, I’m seeing some changes, so I’ll definitely be carrying this routine into the next few months!

I know most of my posts talk a lot about our home renovations, so I can’t get away without mentioning that. Our guest room is complete! Next step is moving the furniture in, and figuring out what pieces I’m missing to make it complete. I’m really proud of this project, because I was completely out of my comfort zone and had to learn a lot of new skills/trades to make it come out perfect. There are some mistakes here and there that only I will notice, but I know Kyle will absolutely love it. And now I get to move onto the fun part: decorating!

The other part of our renovations happened in the kitchen area, and I’m finishing up that project in the next few weeks. Living in a house that is under construction is NOT ideal at all, but I know it’s going to be worth it in the end. And Kyle gets to come home to some lovely surprises!

As far as deployment life goes, things have been fairly busy this month. Fall is our favorite season together, so it was hard not being able to our usual activities/events together. This weekend I’ll be running my first 5K of the season with one of my good friends, and our biggest county fair kicks off next week.

Earlier this summer, I made a post about the worst advice I’ve received about deployment. I talked a lot about how “staying busy” isn’t the key to surviving, and it can lead you to avoid the things you’re feeling. I think I’m starting to find that balance that I talked about – I’m busy, but I’m busy with things I want to do. I’m busy with things that are enriching my life, my marriage, my happiness. I’m not just busy so that I don’t have to think about what’s going on right now, and that’s been the key to my own peace of mind.

With that being said, I’m more than ready for the month of October to be just as productive and fun. My calendar is looking VERY full, but it’s not as overwhelming as it was in the beginning. And my favorite part? ALMOST HALF WAY THERE!

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