9 Month Check-In

Just like that, 9 months have come and gone. It’s been about 40 weeks, 270+ days, 3 whole seasons… It feels like it was sunny and 75 just last week. But here we are, and that light at the end of the tunnel is getting so much brighter. With our time winding down, I’ve kicked it into high gear these last few weeks. Here’s a brief look at what I’ve been up to!

Home/Military Life

I can’t WAIT to share the walk through of our home with all of you. I’ve put so much creativity and heart into our renovations, and while it’s been extremely challenging, I’ve learned exactly what I’m made of. When my husband comes home, it’ll look very different than what he remembers. And I’ve gone back and forth with how I feel about that. I didn’t want him to feel overwhelmed, or like he didn’t get to participate in this special time. I want him to know that these decisions were always made with him in mind. Some of these decisions for our home were made with just him in mind (more on that later).

Military life is the same as ever – somedays we get to talk quite a bit, other days we’re like two ships passing in the night. I actually spent a good 30 minutes watching homecoming videos the other day and I sobbed. I feel like I understand it all differently now that I’ve been through it.

Personal Life

Last month we did our annual girl’s trip, which was a classic sh*t show but in the best way. We’ve tried to make it more frequent but a lot of us live in different states now. Part of my “resolution” for 2019 will definitely be to make more time for things like this. My friends are such a huge part of my happiness and wholeness, especially after such a challenging year.


With the New Year’s resolution-ers emerging, the gym has been PACKED. And that crowd includes some of my own friends who have hopped on the band wagon for what I hope will be a lasting lifestyle change. It’s fun to have so many familiar faces in the gym, and I think it helps to hold us all accountable.

That’s all for now! I hate keeping things so light and brief, but stay tuned for some fun upcoming posts about our home renovations, vacation planning, and best of all, HOMECOMING!

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