Fall Decor Favorites


We’re finally closing in on everyone’s most anticipated time of year, and we were well overdue for a little decor refresh. This season I’ve been a big fan of the black and white contrast, and now I’m seeing it everywhere. I love how crisp and classy it looks, and I’ve included a lot of the inspiration in my fall style.

Some of my staple pieces in my home are candles, throws, and serving trays. I cycle through candles frequently, but this brand was new to me. I find that most higher end candles are $30-$40 which is just crazy to me since I go through them so fast. These were only $20, and they have the wood wick that I love. I call these scents “man candles” and you can’t go wrong!

I’ve been on the hunt for a new throw, and typically Home Goods is my go-to. I was pleasantly surprised to find that our local Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond were already displaying the fall line of Magnolia Home. This striped throw is currently on the way, and while it’s a little pricier, they have some great coupons right now!

For my serving trays, Amazon has some great options similar to this combo pack, but I’ve also seen these at Home Goods and TJMaxx throughout the year. I love the wire handles on these, and they’re a great addition to any coffee table or mantle.

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I wanted to add some softer tones to break up the darker pieces, so I added these cute matte vases. These can be displayed alone, or you can add some fall-themed stems. I display these in the corner of our mantle with our diffuser. I also added these black wicker baskets from Pottery Barn in the large and small, one to hold our new throw and the other to hold our cotton stems. These stems are an easy find at any craft store.

Our larger purchases sitting in the cart right now are this marble table and the Aztec rug from Ruggable. I’m obsessed with marble and gold, and this would tie in nicely between our two lounge chairs. The rug has been a long-awaited purchase, but I’ve heard great things about Ruggable and I love how the two-part design makes it washable and pet-friendly. I wasn’t sold on it until I saw it in person (shout out to Laura at This Northern Native!)

Lastly, we chose a new wreath for our front door. Right now we have a boxwood style green wreath, and we wanted something more rustic for that fall feel. I didn’t want anything too “Halloween-ish”, however, so I think this is the perfect in-between.

Have you already decorated for fall? What are some fall decor staples for your home?

Bar Cart Reveal & My New Favorite Summer Drink

Spring Patio Prep (3)


A big part of our “quarantine life” has been renovating little corners of our home, adding a personal touch. One of the first things I purchased was this little bar cart from Amazon, and it has been a blast finding all of the little trinkets and tools to decorate it with. I knew I wanted a two-tier, round design since this would be nestled in the corner of our living room, and this model is fairly small compared to most options I found. I was inspired to use gold accents to add some glam to our living room, since our color pallet is fairly neutral throughout our home.

I added this crystal whiskey decanter set and the basic bar tools to get started. This bar cart has a lower rack for you to hang stemmed glasses, so we may add some martini glasses later on. We also purchased the Lewis ice bag and mallet, which is a fun addition if you enjoy crushed ice rather than cubes (fancy!). For drinks that require a straw, I personally enjoy using the stainless option. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I like the way they make my drink taste colder! These black stainless straws come with cleaning pipes, and we keep them in a glass mason jar on our bar cart.

Summer Drink Inspo.png

To keep things neat for us and our guests, we added these fun bee napkins and gold rimmed marble coasters. In addition to the lower rack for stemmed glasses, this cart also has a rod to hang towels if you choose. We have these linen towels  for extra clean-up and a light pop of color.

I love the way that this has made our space come together, and has added something unique to our living space. We’ll definitely be using this for entertaining in the future!

What are some small changes you’ve made to your space?

Creating An At-Home Yoga Space

Spring Patio Prep (2)


Yoga is one of my favorite ways to get my sweat on, and keeps me grounded during this crazy time. To eliminate any social distancing obstacles, I created my own yoga space at home using one of our spare rooms. I used different shades of blue to contrast with the neutral taupe walls, and kept most of the changes temporary in case we convert it to another guest room in the future.

I’ve always kept my decor fairly simple, but I’ve been challenging myself to seek out different patterns and designs that will pop. I started with this yoga mat (on sale now!) that come in various designs, from landscapes to animals. These mats are latex and metal free, and truly beautiful!

I had purchased the blue velvet chairs (these come in a set of 2, also on sale) back in March, and they did not disappoint! They’re so comfortable – we’re considering getting a second set in another color for our entertainment space downstairs. The gold and marble table also came from Target, and comes in a couple of different heights and sizes.

I included some other yoga essentials: candles, diffuser, and block/strap set. I have a TON of candles, and I love how relaxing they make my Savasana (meditation). I’ve added a couple of these diffusers that I start 20-30 minutes before my practice using pine, orange, and lavender scents. I also added these round meditation pillows that can be used as a bolster as well. I love how affordable they are, and they ship for free!

Lastly, I added a couple of these white planters with plant stands. The stands are fully adjustable and made of real hardwood. These also come in various heights (I have 1 short and 1 tall) and they look so cute nestled in the corner of our space.

Do you have a workout room in your home, or thinking about making one? What color pallet and design would you use?

Spring Patio Prep

Spring Patio Prep (1)


As some of you know, our farmer’s porch has been underway for a couple of weeks now. With that finally coming to an end, I’ve started ordering some items to prep our little space for spring and summer. We’ve been getting some warmer temps already, and we’re really excited to begin dining outside, finally

This year, I’ve been really into the rattan, so I was happy to find this bistro set for a reasonable price. Our patio currently has this lemon tree as well as two mini palms and an enormous fern. I wanted a space with a tropical greenhouse vibe, so we have a few more plants to purchase to make it complete.

Going with the palm theme, I found these melamine plates that come in a set of 5. Melamine is perfect for outdoor dining because it’s completely shatter-proof, which is ideal for those who have pets or kids running around.

We stuck with the color scheme of blues and greens with some yellow accents, and I love the subtle detail on these linen napkins to tie it all together. I always knew that my dream patio would have lots of twinkly lights, so we finished up with the large-bulb string lights and lanterns to highlight our greenery.

More pics of our finished porch coming soon!

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